Massive CEO Thinks Ubisoft Is Extremely Well Positioned to Take Advantage of Cloud Streaming

Massive CEO David Polfeldt discussed the advantages of the cloud streaming revolution, stating that Ubisoft is extremely well positioned for the upcoming shift with its strong IP portfolio.

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Chris_Wray1417d ago

Ubisoft are in a good position, naturally, due to their catalogue of titles. However, it's how it's implemented that counts. If it's a bad service like uPlay was when it started, it could end up being DOA.

Now if Ubisoft were smart and partnered with a group like, say, Shadow - then that would be an excellent opportunity.

Alexious1417d ago

I think they are going to be on all major cloud services, it just makes sense for them.

UltraNova1417d ago

Nuh...just see whats happening with Neflix, HBO, Disney etc and their subscription platforms. Gaming is headed that way as well, its only a matter of time before we are faced with multiple subscription services in order to be able to play all kinds of games we came to know and love.

1417d ago