Resident Evil 2 Remake Embargo Leaked

We are all excited for its release this week. Evidently, major selected publication in North America and in Europe have received the review copies. However, majority of the Asian publications are going to receive their copies by launch date due to the strict policy that Capcom Asia has.

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ArchangelMike819d ago

I'm willing to bet that this game will score a 9.5 meta average. I can't wait to head into Racoon city with the lights off, headphones on, and a bag of nerves :)

Obelisk92818d ago

It looks like a really good game but I think it will sit around 86/87.

Not that it matters.

I_am_Batman818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

I'm gonna toss my hat into the ring and predict a flat 90 for the fun of it.

UltraNova818d ago

Who cares, its a game we've all played it and we know if its good or not. As for the demo...if all the game is of that quality then man what a scary as f*** ride it will be.

tryson7688818d ago

45 metacritic

I'm a pessimist

Nyxus819d ago

I'm sure it will do very well, heard nothing but good things about this game.

OGamer818d ago

I guess u didnt get the memo about 5hrs gameplay.

1nsomniac818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

Really!? They said it was approx 10 hours for each of the 2 play through...

assassin2k818d ago

Holy cow that's just over three hours away!! So excited! My guess is meta 89-91. Not that it matters one iota ad I'm getting this game!

Gatsu818d ago

Just few more days <3!

Jls1818d ago

So far ive played Res 1 5 6 and next will be 2

Jls1818d ago

nope I started with 5 on ps3 then 6 then 1. I hope they remake 3 and 4. I was like idk on 7 cause new characters, also in first person, I still may give it a try.

FalconofLucis98818d ago

1-5 and maybe 7 are the only ones worth playing. Basically fxck 6.

Jls1818d ago

So far out of the ones Ive played I like 5 the most. Im sure will prob change with 2 3 or 4

Old McGroin818d ago

You managed to miss 2 and 4? Great games, enjoy!

InTheZoneAC818d ago

you know they constantly have 4 on sale on ps3 and ps4

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