Ni No Kuni for PS3 Emulated at 4K on PC Makes Us Demand a Remaster for Modern Platforms

Ni No Kuni finally received a sequel in 2018 but the original game is still fondly remembered. Sadly there is no way to play it on modern platforms for now.

Perhaps, one day Bandai Namco will finally port this classic to the modern consoles so everyone can enjoy it.

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antikbaka32d ago

i want REAL second part and not that garbage they released

MoshA32d ago

Play Dragon Quest 11, it's almost as good as the first Ni No Kuni.

stupidusername32d ago

I liked ni no kuni 2 at first but the combat dragged on faaaar too long. Having hack n’ slash combat in a 60 hour game is pure torture.

TheGamez10032d ago

Same, I liked it at first but it started to feel off, repetitive, and too easy.

PhoenixUp32d ago

Pretty soon everyone will be asking for a remaster of every game