So Uh, Are We Ever Going To See 'Borderlands 3' Out Of Gearbox?

It feels like the time has been right for Borderlands 3 to arrive the past few years, yet Gearbox won't even utter its name. With recent explosive legal developments, are we ever going to see it arrive?

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PhoenixUp26d ago

I shutter to think how a new Borderlands wound function in this modern era of gaming with so many companies finding new ways to nickel and dime consumers

JokerBoy42226d ago

Remember the Gold Keys from the last two games? They're free as long as you keep checking Gearbox's Facebook and Twitter for Shift Codes. Guarantee we'll be paying for those keys in the next game. If you really want to know what to look forward to with microtransactions look no further than 2K's recent handling of it on their other games...

Sono42126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I think this will be a next gen game, so we won't see it until PS5 and Xbox Two are announced.

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Patricko26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Its' 2K and Gearbox... My god, mtx in this game will be massive..

EazyC26d ago

That is so true, Borderlands's formula (RNG loot) is ripe for microtransaction type bollocks, too.

TheEroica26d ago

I think gaming is moving past the borderlands design... Gearbox seems like a mess of a company.

81BX26d ago

Lol, don't tell all the gamers that supported borderlands 2 on psvr that. Borderlands has a great formula. I just hope they don't nickle and dime us!

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Kinglink26d ago

Except you're expecting the modern Gearbox to do that.

The Gearbox of today after Duke Nukem Forever, Alien Coloneal Marine and Battleborn is a very different company from the one that created Borderland and Borderland 2. I would even say the Pre-quel was done by a very different company (Which it actually was).

Personally I don't think they can deliver on Borderlands 3, at least not the game everyone expects, but they'll try.

shaggy230326d ago

Gaming is moving past the Borderlands design?

In what way?

I mean Borderlands is basically a 3D shooter that uses the Diablo mechanism for loot, nothing more and nothing less.

How is gaming moving beyond that exactly? I mean people are still chomping at the bit for the next proper Diablo game (if they weren't we wouldn't have seen the backlash when Blizzard announced Diablo for mobile)

Ciporta198026d ago

It's moving past it in the way it wants to charge you individually for each tiny thing you need to unlock/do. There's no room for normal game progression in today's bleed you dry gaming industry.

shaggy230326d ago



Best go and go tell God of War, Sea of Thieves, Spiderman, No Mans Sky etc that they are doing it all wrong then.

Weeblordbad26d ago

Don't bother, Ciporta1980 is clearly the dramatic type.

TheDarkArtisan26d ago

I have a feeling that Gearbox were all set to reveal Borderlands 3 at last years E3 show, but a certain game called Rage 2 was leaked before the show. I believe the similar gameplay and superior graphics, worried Gearbox and they realised B3 needed more work and improvements.. because their game would look poor in contrast. When it is finally revealed, I hope it isn't weighed down by microtransactions.. Gearbox sound like they need some serious cash injection. This game is probably the last chance saloon for Gearbox.

Fist4achin26d ago

Hopefully Borderlands 2 VR gave them a little needed shot in the arm. I would love to see this series continue.

dumahim26d ago

If they weren't going to release it last year, they weren't going to show it at E3.

Relientk7726d ago

The wait for Borderlands 3 continues

AK9126d ago

After the recent accusations of it's CEO I doubt it.

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