Haley Joel Osment on Growing up in Kingdom Hearts

From age 12 to 30, actor Haley Joel Osment reflects on a life spent with Sora.

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PhoenixUp28d ago

Sora is one for the few JRPG protagonists to be kept as the main character as the series continued on. Most other JRPGs have new unconnected main characters come along with each new installment.

This is a role that HJO should be honored to have.

NecrumOddBoy28d ago

He isn't in all the KH games but many series of JRPGs are different stories entirely. I don't know many that continue through one overall story.

28d ago
PhoenixUp28d ago

I didn’t mean that Sora was the main character in all of them but for the series as a whole. Plus even in games when he’s not playable the characters you are playing as have a connection with him, which isn’t the case with protagonists from other RPG series.

Tross28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

A whopping 18 years have passed since the very first Kingdom Hearts game was in development? I completely forgot that one of the most brilliant child actors from the 90s played Sora in this series. I'm also the same age as him, curiously enough, but I wish I could boast that I've spent 18 years of my life doing anything near as noteworthy as playing a character as renowned as Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Rare28d ago

He's been depressed and has substance abuse issues, so you might be doing better than you think.

It's extremely rare that a child survives hollowood without abuse & addiction.

Tross27d ago

@Rare That does seem to be true, but that doesn’t make their achievements any less noteworthy. Still, you have a point. At least I haven’t had to deal with depression and substance abuse.

Samus70728d ago

Put voice acting into context: Go into small booth, read dialogue off of page into microphone, go home, wait 12-18 months, see product released. The only reason people like us think these sorts of jobs are something to crow about is because people write articles like this one. In an alternate timeline, someone is writing an article about you and your boring job (not an insult, all jobs are boring given enough time).

Tross27d ago

@Samus707 From what I’ve heard not everyone is cut out to be a VA and that does seem to be a bit of an oversimplification of what they do, but it is true that people who are in positions that bring media attention to them are far more likely to be widely recognized for what they do than the rest of us who...aren’t.

TheOnlyMastrx28d ago

I'm not going to lie. I had no idea Haley Joel Osment voiced Sora. I'm a couple years younger than him and when I started playing Kingdom Hearts, I didn't really care to know who was voicing the characters. This just blew my mind.