The Last of Us is Still a Masterpiece

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Since the dawn of their first console, Sony has been able to craft great to even fantastic experiences that have helped to define the industry to what it is today. From giving us the likes of Crash Bandicoot, the Uncharted series, God of War as well as many others, Sony has continuously delivered on both excellence and ingenuity with many of their marquee franchises. Throughout all of these amazing adventures, one truly stands out above the rest. A title that has continued to grow, even after its release and has continuously had an impact within the entire gaming community and industry and can be considered one of the greatest games of all time. This, of course, is Naughty Dog’s own project in The Last of Us that not only has been able to help usher in the age of cinematic experiences but also deliver one of the most captivating stories ever told in gaming history."

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ClayRules201231d ago

The Last of is it an experience unlike anything I’ve personally ever played. An astonishing achievement by the folks at Naughty Dog. A masterpiece & work of art.

So ready for the sequel =)

UltraNova31d ago

Same here. But to be honest I'm kinda dissapointed that Joel has been totally "sidelined". Granted, they might be saving his reveal as a major event prior or after release but its been so long now we haven't seen anything of him or heard about his role in part 2.

That said I cant wait to get my hands on this game.

ninsigma31d ago

Assuming he's in it I think it would be great to just not show him in promotional stuff and just let us experience it ourselves in game. Maybe there's a section where you play as Joel, similar to the first where you play as Ellie for a little bit.

UltraNova31d ago


Hopefully that will be the case.

ClayRules201231d ago

Yeah, I completely understand that. I too hope we’ll get to play as Joel at some point in the sequel. But I believe if we do play as him, at some point, thats something ND wouldn’t want to spoil for us.

WickedLester31d ago

So long as it serves the story well, I'm fine with it.

Eonjay30d ago

It will be the opposite of when we got to control Ellie in the last game. The shock and wonder of it all reversed.

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ArchangelMike31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Don't get me started man. I'll start gushing and folks round here will think I'm a paid Sony shill.

But the truth is The Last of Us made me cry... three times. In my first playthrough. No other game has had that effect on me before or since. It's not just a masterpeice, it's a genre-defining magnum opus.

ClayRules201231d ago

Haha, I can totally relate, as I’m sure others can relate with us as well. I cried during my go a many times as well. And I agree, it’s a genre defining magnum opus.

xahoke31d ago

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Bronxs1531d ago

What were the three times? I know the beginning for sure but when else? Just curious

cd131d ago

I'd never felt such an emotional attachment to VG characters before playing TLOU - masterpiece indeed.

ArchangelMike31d ago



While there where many emotionally charged moments for me, the three that brought me to the point of tears was the sequence where David tried to kill Ellie. She just manages to overpower him and hacks to death. Joel come bursting in and hugs her while she cries on his shoulder -
The second sequence was when Ellie drowns, and Joel thinks she's dead
The final sequence is obviously "Joel's lie" at the end of the game

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Lore31d ago

When I read the title, I thought of Holly from The Office saying, “Hell yea” with a smirk on her face when Michael asked if they were going to have sex.

Hell yea one of the best games of all time.

ClayRules201231d ago

Lol. Love that. I love Holly & Michael. Gosh, I still need to finish The Office, been on the last season for like 2 years, because I’m afraid to say goodbye lol.

One of the best games of all time indeed. Nothing really like it.

Skankinruby31d ago

Doubt anything will surpass an experience like that, which is why I'm equally excited and nervous for the sequel

ClayRules201231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I feel that too. I think a lot of us fans have those same feelings.

I’m keeping my hype levels reasonably low. I mean, its Naughty Dog, and i believe it’ll be an amazing game. But m not going into the sequel expecting it to be better than the first game. I’ll be happy if it’s just as good as the first game, and it’ll be a nice surprise if it tops the first game. Neil said “We’ll have moments that fit this game & hopefully resonate with the player like with the first game. There will be people who loved he first game who won’t like the 2nd game” so many emotions.

I believe Troy, Ashley, the other cast members, Neil and all of Naughty Dog will give all they have and the way they speak on the game, it seems real genuine. I do believe they believe in this story. So that gives me comfort.

VerminSC31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Still the best game I’ve ever played. God of war was close but man.

ClayRules201231d ago

Yeah, God of War is incredible in its own right. But that darn Last of Us, still is something else entirely.

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