Soulsborne: The Path from Franchise to Buzzword to Subgenre

Since 2009, FromSoftware has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, and its game structure has been replicated in titles such as Ashen, Lords of the Fallen, and Nioh. The time has come for 'Soulsborne' to become more than a buzzword and be recognised as an RPG subgenre in its own right.

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ArchangelMike570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

I love that picture :)

I have to say though that while I agree that "SoulsBourne" should become an RPG sub-genre in it's own right, I hope we dont just get clones of the 'soulsbourne' games. I like what The Surge tried to do with the formula, and I'm very interested to see how Sekiro will turn out, if that can still be viewed as a "SoulsBourne" game.