2009 vs 2019: Spyro, Dante, and more show what video game characters look like via 10 Year Challenge

GamesRadar puts your classic video game characters through the 10 Year Challenge, and the results are all kinds of amazing.

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anonymousfan31d ago

Our videogame characters are looking older lol

xahoke31d ago

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zodiac90931d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Playstation exclusives 10 years ago, still look great today.

Vandamme2131d ago

Honestly dmc4 Dante and dmc5 Dante look the same
The only difference is dmc5 Dante has more facial hair

Elda31d ago

Officially GOW2 2007 & the GOW 2018 are 11 years apart, DMC4 2008 & DMC5 2019 are 11 years apart as well.

I_am_Batman31d ago

The game they used in the comparison is God of War 3 which came out in march 2010.

Elda31d ago

Though in the article they mention GOW2 & comparing it to the latest GOW.

I_am_Batman31d ago

Oh. I didn't pay attention to the headlines. They don't specifically mention God of War 2 in the paragraph only in the headline. I guess they used the wrong picture then.

marioJP8731d ago

Basically, Lara Croft got surgery for a breast reduction.
Also, Mario doesn't age.

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