Reading into Nintendo Switch Online's Future

Just recently, a hacker leaked a handful of of SNES games supposedly coming to Switch's online service. Is it real? What could it lead to?

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PhoenixUp32d ago

I’d like to see basic features like party chat, messaging, and premium discounts be added

Benjaminkno31d ago

Premium discounts would warrant an up charge in price.
I have no problem paying $60 if they can bring some free downloadable games

PhoenixUp31d ago

Nintendo’s own NSO video showed that subscribers would get exclusive offers, which would logically mean additional discounts on the digital store among other things and we haven’t seen anything about it since

Benjaminkno31d ago

I’d give them another year before this service is worth the asking price.

It’s really bare bones right now with nothing that really feels appealing. Right now it’s just bleh

I’m still feeling burned with all those games I bought on Wii

wonderfulmonkeyman30d ago

They're hiring a manager for it, apparently; fingers crossed that that will mean positive changes for it soon.