Uncharted Once Had Classic Tomb Raider System, Naughty Dog Changed It After Gears of War

Uncharted 1 could have been a widely different game if not for Gears of War, which inspired the developers to completely revamp the controls.

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chiefJohn117497d ago

Wow, who would've thought gears influenced uncharted

rainslacker497d ago

This is pretty old news. Was stated soon after the release if uc1 back in tge day. It was also supposed to be a different theme in terms of adventuring, something about subterranean something or another. Game was in development before gears released, but Sony decided they wanted a cinematic cover shooter so they changed some elements

chiefJohn117497d ago

I heard it was supposed to be more TR like but I didn't know gears influenced them to change it

Babadook7497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

“Naughty Dog Changed It After Gears of War”

I knew it.

BLizardXD497d ago

so it's TR + Gears
At least the fans now know that. heard it strait from them.

rainslacker497d ago

I don't recall them saying "like TR" back then. It was more along the lines of a subterranian adventure game, which I guess could be what TR is like for the most part. At least the originals for that time were like that.

And yeah. Sony asked them to make it a cover shooter because of the success of GeOW. I don't know how much changed overall. But the setting and specific genre changed. It's been a while, but I recall it was supposed to be more fantasy like, with magical stuff and what not.....maybe some elfs. But again, it's been a while, and I can't recall the specifics, or if I'm thinking of a different game. I remember they said underground and adventure game though.

497d ago
-Foxtrot497d ago

I don't understand Gears and Uncharted released the same year and were shown off for the first time within the same year, even when Uncharted was shown off it still had the same cover system before they revealed it once again.

coolbeans496d ago


Incorrect on both counts. Gears of War (on xbox 360) released in Nov. 2006; Uncharted released in Nov. 2007. The first trailer for Gears was E3 05, whereas Uncharted was E3 06.

Well, it's not like TR: Legends didn't have a cover system either. Even from that E3 footage, it's not hard to see what isn't on-screen which could've been implemented (as we don't know the timeline of all their prototype phases here). Details like in-game cover-to-cover transitions are noticeably lacking and it's hard to get a good grasp on what vertical slice/cutscene when gameplay was shown that I don't recall in final build. You just get snippits of gameplay so you're jumping the gun in saying "well they had the same gameplay back then."

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BehindTheRows497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Those who knew it did. But, really, games inspire other games. Not hard to believe.

chiefJohn117497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

No ish, but I wouldn't have thought gears would've. It's like someone tell you NBA 2k influenced Mario. Lol maybe I'm the only one that would find that shocking.

duji496d ago

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CoinOrc497d ago

This is old news. Naughty dog clearly stated gears of war was one of their inspirations along with killswitch, tomb raider, Indiana Jones, and serial pulps.

kevnb497d ago

When it first came out people called it dude raider with gears of war gunplay.

Nu497d ago

lol at those that say Gears of bore. Has anyone noticed that Sony mainly only has single player story driven games. And Microsoft has multiplayer games. If you think of Gears of War as Mortal Kombat with guns you will understand the appeal of the Gears series. Gears of War is extremely fun online.

rainslacker497d ago

Gears had a lot going for it, especially when it first came out. Had a dark theme which was kind of tense at times. Fun game play. Was a technical masterpiece. Half decent story. Good cinematic presentation.

More than MK with guns, I think it had a strong western action movie theme to it which attracted a lot of people to gaming, which they may not have spent much time looking at during the PS2 days, since a good number of the high profile games were more anime oriented.

I'm not into the space marine motif for most things. I can enjoy it at times if the story is really good. But that is really the only thing that kept me from loving the game. Everything else about it was great.

jznrpg497d ago

Gears 1 was good but it never progressed as a single player game they just slapped multiplayer stuff on it and that’s why it grew but the single player suffered because it was just another mode

Imalwaysright496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Not anymore. Infamous, Horizon, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-man show that they are heavily investing in open world games.

mandingo497d ago

Sony boys can’t accept that one of its best exclusives is influenced by gears of war. Why is that a big deal lol. So many downvotes like why

rainslacker497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Most Sony fans that followed this game since the beginning already knew this. It was a pretty big topic back when this game released, because the devs stated explicitly that Sony asked them to change their design to be more like Gears, because Gears had released, and was extremely popular.

Been a while, but i don't recall them specifically citing it being like TR, but that may have been part of it.

To me, while they're both cover shooters, I wouldn't say they feel the same, and it's influences really stop there. About the only thing they borrow from Gears is the genre, and maybe the cinematic part, although ND really upped the bar in terms of what a cinematic experience standard should be.

Imalwaysright496d ago

Ironic that so many of them want MS to leave this industry isn't it?

rainslacker495d ago


Why Ironic? Gears was made by Epic, not MS. If MS didn't pay to make it exclusive, it still would have released.

Imalwaysright495d ago


And? Still a xbox exclusive. One that MS published and one that they were betting a lot on considering that they doubled the ram of the 360 just for it. An exclusive that didn't just affect Uncharted but also other games that Sony's studios were developing at the time.

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BehindTheRows497d ago

Your comparison makes no sense. You should just do more research. This isn’t news st all.

Rude-ro497d ago

Especially in only a years time since they released 12 months apart
Usually game overhauls would take much longer than that.

Imalwaysright496d ago

Well known fact that xbox shooters, mainly GeOW had a influence in Uncharted.

@ rainslacker Uncharted was supposed to be a tolkienesque fantasy game. That is until Sony told not just ND but all their studios to make more realistic games due to how successful Xbox shooters were at the time.

"the big push from Sony, not just at Naughty Dog but at all of Sony's development companies at the time, was to craft games for PlayStation 3 that were much more realistic. The pressure from Xbox's success with gritty shooters was a very real force on our direction at that time

rainslacker495d ago

Yeah, I knew it was something like that about what the content was like. I just couldn't remember the exact descriptions they used.

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ClayRules2012497d ago

Wow. Thank you, Gears of War. I can’t imagine what Uncharted would’ve been like had ND not looked at Gears of War & been inspired.

I had some good times with Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune. My first PS3 game back in early 2008. It was between that & Heavenly Sword. Guy at the store kept saying “Heavenly Sword is pretty cool” I’m like, that’s good. But I’ll take that Uncharted lol. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made lol. Now my favorite franchise of all time.

Livingthedream497d ago

My top two franchises in gaming. GEARS AND UNCHARTED. Top of the line.

DaDrunkenJester497d ago

And yet you get some Uncharted loyalists who scoff at the new Tomb Raider for taking inspiration from UC. Yet, UC was wholly inspired by a handful of games before it, including OG Tomb Raider.

Its okay to take inspirations from other games, it's all how you make it your own at the end. Hence why straight knock offs never make it as big as the game they are inspired from unless they tweak it enough to be different.

Ceaser9857361496d ago

May be that's why Gears is the only game I like from Xbox and actually had bought a Xbox for this game... Can't wait to play Gears 5. UNCHARTED and Gears are one of the very best games out there ..

ClayRules2012496d ago

I’m glad to hear you enjoy Gears! And I agree on Gears and Uncharted.


Tomb Raider, Killswitch, Gears, and Uncharted influenced each other and made each game better than what it would've been if it didn't have those influences.

End of story. Stop fanning the fanboy flames.

chiefJohn117497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

? Who fanning flames no one is fanboying in this thread. Boy I tell ya Insecure people will pull ish out of thin air. Wait, is that why I have downvotes? Lol wow you people are something else

SenorJepeto497d ago

6 months before release? I tought the game released in Nov. 2007 and that the E3 2006's trailer already had cover/shooting in it. Anyway props to Gears it is true that the gameplay was awesome

isarai497d ago

very VERY old news, but don't think it was as brief as 6 months before release as the E3 2006 trailer showed off the cover based mechanics and plenty of shooting which was about a year and a half before release in Nov 2007

TK-55496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

I think the footage you showed doesn't prove the cover system is what was implemented for the official release. Gears really was the game that showed us how to make a cover system and controls for it to be fluid. There were even things they didn't expect like wall-bouncing which is now mandatory for all Gears titles and would result in outrage from the community if the devs ever removed it.

The footage doesn't actually look like it was gameplay tbh. Certainly looks in game but definitely not gameplay. They even said they had to change the controls and the games general mechanics so I'm not sure why you're so adamant to disagree with the developers themselves.

isarai496d ago

"I think the footage you showed doesn't prove the cover system is what was implemented for the official release"

So the trailer just shows him take/in cover literally 7 times just for funzies?

TK-55496d ago


"So the trailer just shows him take/in cover literally 7 times just for funzies?"

Couldn't read past the first sentence could ya? Here's your answer:

"The footage doesn't actually look like it was gameplay tbh. Certainly looks in game but definitely not gameplay."

I'm saying this footage was pre-rendered.

isarai496d ago

can read just fine, and my statement still stands, even if a target render (which it is and i know that) the entire point of target renders is to show off what to expect from the game and it's mechanics, and what does the game show? Shooting, running, melee combat, lots of jumping/climbing/swinging, and TAKING COVER. That's like looking at the target render for Killzone 2 they showed and saying "well shooting isn't actually confirmed to be in the game"

TK-55496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

"can read just fine, and my statement still stands, even if a target render (which it is and i know that) the entire point of target renders is to show off what to expect from the game and it's mechanics"

Sorry but I need you to re-read your own comment saying that it showed "cover based mechanics". If it's a target render then there are no gameplay mechanics. It's more or less animations at that point with no input from a player (in the way that would make it gameplay).

"That's like looking at the target render for Killzone 2 they showed and saying "well shooting isn't actually confirmed to be in the game"

No, it's not because we're not speculating on what Uncharted is going to be. Terrible analogy. You're for some reason telling people that the cover-based mechanics that were in the finished product were always there, and the developer is telling you otherwise.

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