Days Gone Combat Breakdown with the Developers

Brian Altano sits down with Eric Jensen of Sony Bend at PAX South to talk through the combat systems and mechanics involved in taking down hordes of Freakers.

ArchangelMike1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

TBH that wasn't much of a combat breakdown, as much as it was simply showing the improvements since the last time we saw that "horde mode."

So freakers are now set on fire by the molotovs and they also seem to have a wider wardrobe selection, and new movement animations. Deacon also has new gear since last we saw him fight the horde, and explosions blow him away, and it seems his running animation has been updated as well. Also the kill confirmed xp counter has been removed. Overall graphical improvements, e.g. explosions look much better with dust particles, etc. His bike also looks improved. I have to say though the melee combat still seems abit soft on the collision detection.

All in all there are good obvious improvements and I can't wait to see more. I think this game will surprise alot of people and will turn out to be a sleeper hit.

ClayRules20121953d ago

Yeah, I’m happy overall with the improvements that are here in this video. And man, this game is just so gorgeous to look at. I’ll provably die a ton of times admiring the visuals, only to get mauled by a bunch of Freakers moments later lol.

I can’t wait to get lost in this world.

Hardiman1953d ago

So cannot wait to dive into this beautiful yet terrifying world!

sammarshall1021953d ago

It's gonna be so nice to kill zombies in the gorgeous scenery of Oregon :)

Ceaser98573611952d ago

I am gonna die so many times in this situation lol! But there are so many ways to take the hordes down and that's gonna be fun .. Can't wait.

sammarshall1021952d ago

Lol Me too. It's insane to know we've only seen the baby horde and not the 500 freaker horde 😨

Ceaser98573611951d ago

Damn! 500 freakers gonna freak me out.. i will do my best to be stealthy but i doubt how much will i succeed.

Moonman1953d ago

They run pretty fast.....made my heart jump.....kill dem' fools...lol....lmao.

ArchangelMike1953d ago

Yeah I think they've increased their speed from last showings. The dev makes a point of saying that you can't out run them - which will really add to the tension, especially that you have a stamina bar that depletes anyway.

ClayRules20121953d ago

Yeah, that’s nice to have that in there. You really have to think things through. Add to that, your running from a horde of Freakers to get back to your bike, only to realize it won’t start because you forgot to refill it and now it’s empty. Your in trouble. It’ll be so much fun. Lol

LiViNgLeGaCY1953d ago

Uuuuuugh get here faster April!!