I Can't Stop Buying Resident Evil 4

Kotaku: “When I was younger, Resident Evil 4 looked so cool. I remember being so excited to play it. Then I found out that it was only going to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube, which I didn’t own. My dreams were shattered because I was a dumb kid and didn’t realize that one day it would come to more consoles. Since that sad moment in my life, RE4 has been released on nearly every platform. And I can’t stop buying it every time a new port is released.”

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Monster_Tard32d ago

I first got it on the Gamecube, bought it on the PS2 for the added content, then I got it on the Xbox 360, the achievements gave me a reason to play through it again and I've just picked it up on the Xbox One for the same reason.

InTheZoneAC32d ago

may I suggest leaving xbox and coming back to playstation? Thanks

Benjaminkno32d ago

Can’t just let people play on their console of choice.
Got to “suggest” that they live up to your fanboy expectations.
This is why n4g is lame.

Monster_Tard31d ago

It's not for me. There's nothing wrong with PlayStation, I just don't care for a lot of single player games and prefer the larger focus on multiplayer games that Xbox offers.

Tacobell32332d ago (Edited 32d ago )

GC version is number 1. PC HD version is number 2 and going places. Had the GC version now i got the PC HD version.

InTheZoneAC32d ago

@ben white knighting much? I'm not talking to you, go take your offended reply somewhere else. Thanks.

wonderfulmonkeyman31d ago

If he wants to get it on an XBox console, that's perfectly fine.
Nothing you say changes that.

PhantomTommy32d ago

Bought it 6 times. I have no regrets. Will be buying it again on Switch.

eagle2132d ago

I'm buying it on Switch too.

Hardiman32d ago

I got it day one on GameCube and on the Wii as well and really liked the motion controls with that version! I just got it on PS4 again. Looking forward to RE2 Remake next week!

ZeekQuattro32d ago

I bought it on the GCN, PS2 for the extras and the Wii. Love the motion controls on that version. Was close to buying it once again on the PS4 but I waited long enough that Capcom announced it for the Switch so I'm waiting for that one. 4 is my favorite RE next to the second one so I don't mind buying it multiple times.

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The story is too old to be commented.