Our Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "The big day is almost here where we get to see the gruesome unveiling of Mortal Kombat 11 and we here at Link-Cable are getting really excited to see what might be shown during this special presentation. From potential new characters, details regarding the story and of course, some amazing display of painful fatalities should be shown when they unveil the next chapter of one of gaming’s most beloved fighting franchises. In honor of this unveiling and the announcement of Mortal Kombat 11, we put a little list together of our favorite fighters that we have used over the years to decapitate our foes with."

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yellowgerbil28d ago

That spider chick kicked butt in the LAST game. She had such easy combos for a button masher like me. Played a little online and they didn't like me spamming her moves over and over

Switch4One28d ago

Sub-zero is easily my favorite character.
Scorpion is my favorite fighter (main)
Noob Saibot is my best of both.

Tankbusta4027d ago

Johnny Cage and Kano have always been my favorites(thats not to say every game I have liked their move sets)

Gamingrhino27d ago

I can not wait to see Ermac in MK11. Other than Ermac, i would love to see that spider chick return in MK11.

gamejediben27d ago

I kind of alternate between Rayden and Johnny Cage.

Rayden is so powerful and versatile. I love teleporting around and doing his superman flying attack. Barbecue-ing opponents with lightning never gets old.

Johnny Cage is just fun. I love his goofball personality and arcing green energy balls and shadow kick. And of course theres nothing like disrespecting fools with the nut punch.

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