It’s Time For The Super Mario Bros. Series To Get A Fresh Coat of Paint

What Nintendo should do at this point is update Mario with a fresh coat of paint, and stop relying on the tired New Super Mario Bros. art style.

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FallenAngel1984681d ago

Tired artstyle, tired music retreads, tired level themes, and still no online multiplayer

EddieNX 681d ago

I'm currently playing it again on Switch cus my buddy insisted on it

It's as tight a 2D platformer as you'll ever play, it's by far the best NSMB game and is packed full of content. He seems to think its the best thing since sliced bread as he is a huge fan of old Super Mario Bros games and I can totally see why he and many other newcomers will adore this quite frankly brilliant game.

On the other hand, I do agree with you. Going forward they should step away from the NSMB series and do an all new 2D Mario game but again, NSMBD is most definitely a great game.

mcstorm680d ago

I see what you are saying but they kid of do this with our ips like kerby. Yoshis Island, DK and more.

Vegamyster680d ago

Didn't you just say the other week you weren't buying this because you already own it on Wii-U?

Neonridr680d ago

how do you change up this style of game? This is completely separate from the traditional 3D Mario games. This is what it is, a 4 player side-scrolling bonanza.

HeisenbergX680d ago

I agree with this.

Also i would love for Donkey Kong to get a new fresh coat of paint but Super Mario Bros needs it more.

badz149680d ago

Nintendo will say: "'s fine! we remastered it for $60 with no online MP in 2019, people still buy it in droves! why change?"