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Anthony Nash of The Koalition writes: When we reviewed Battlefield 1 in 2016, one of the things that stood out was how it seemed like after staying stagnant for a couple of years, the world of Battlefield finally looked ready to take some steps forward. Unfortunately, the latest entry in the series – Battlefield V – doesn’t seem to keep that in mind. While the game has been for some time (and thus, our review a bit late), the latest Battlefield to land has been anything but embraced. After a rocky announcement and an even rockier release, things are looking up for the game, but too much has kept them from achieving their primary goal of coming out of the gates strong.

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rbailey34d ago

Definitely a step backward from an otherwise fantastic entry with Battlefield 1 a few years ago.

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1nsomniac33d ago

Each to their own, I think it’s the best battlefield since Bad Company 2.

Rare33d ago

Same. It might not look as nice as bf1 or be as fleshed out and complete as bf1, but FUN FACTOR wise (the most important variable) it is hands down the funnest battlefield since bad company 2. The excitement and down to the wire matches are what I look for in a battlefield game and bf1 just didn't have that in comparison.

EricLane33d ago

I would rather they scrapped the campaign and gave us 20 MP maps. I'm already burned out on BF5. Panzerstorm and Fjell are not fun maps which leaves me with 7 that I don't hate. There is ONE map planned for March (not including Battle Royale mode) which will bring the total to 10 maps and no mention of any more. When they said there would be no season pass and extra content would be at no charge, I was expecting a similar amount of maps. I would rather spend $50 on a season pass and have map packs. That all being said, I did find it fun and I do expect the bugs to be squashed.

Spenok32d ago

"A Disappointing Entry"

Proceeds to give the game a 7.9/10... Because that's a bad score... right...