Kingdom Hearts Statue of Cloud Strife can now be Pre-Ordered

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular games of the series, if not the most popular. That popularity is owed much to the brooding badass with the big-ass Buster blade: Cloud Strife.

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terrorofdeath882d ago

Pretty sure he will be. Cloud and Sephiroth are kinda part of the main story too, it's just odd that there are no voice credits on IMDB for any FF characters yet.

PhoenixUp882d ago

I wouldn’t put it pass Kojima not to have them in since we’re less than two weeks away from release and haven’t seen any Final Fantasy characters in any previews

Chocoburger881d ago

Kojima...? You mean Tetsuya Nomura.
Poor Hideo Kojima getting blamed for games he has nothing to do with.

PhoenixUp881d ago

Lmao I don’t know why I typed Kojima. Was an honest flub on my part I meant Nomura

FallenAngel1984883d ago

I wish Cloud had this outfit in SSBU

WalkerFTW882d ago

Why is the buster sword covered in bandages?

masterfox882d ago

lol that's not a statue is an action figure, still very good figure nonetheless, Bring Arts series have good looking figures, still Play Arts series are still best ones from Squaresoft damn I mean SquareEnix.

InKnight7s882d ago

I really hate action figure they feel so cheap and half of them or more looks cheap.