Game Vortex: Crash: Mind Over Mutant 360 Review

Game Vortex writes: "Crash is back! Almost exactly a year from the release of Crash of the Titans, we now get the next chapter in Crash's history Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Once again, Dr. Cortex is trying to take over the world and Crash and his friends are the only ones who can stop him.

Last year, I played Crash of the Titans on the PS2. So needless to say, the graphics are much improved in Mind Over Mutant. The characters are still cartoonish like they've always been, and I still think that's a good thing. I like the simplistic graphic nature of the game. If you want, you can even change Crash's clothing. The monsters are very varied in nature. They range from the big hulking things from last game to some new ones that float and fight using telepathy. The cut scenes to me were the funniest. They used quite a few different artistic methods including shadow puppets."

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