Latest Nintendo Switch Online app update seemingly continues preparations for SNES games

The supported platforms for the Nintendo Switch Online service could be expanding in the future. Just a few days ago, fans datamined what appeared to be references to various SNES games. Some additional information has since surfaced.

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eagle2132d ago

Bring it on! They updated it with new languages such as's totally happening. :)

OtterX31d ago

Stunt Race FX! I haven't played that since I was a kid. Anyone else remember it, using the Star Fox tech? Loved it. Hope it still holds up well.

MetroidFREAK2131d ago

It doesn't. I own the cartridge

OtterX31d ago

@MetroidFreak21 Aw, that's a shame. I wondered.. I can vaguely, even now, remember a pretty low framerate. Still, I'd like to have a trip down memory lane.

I actually still own the cartridge also, but in storage at my parent's house somewhere. I don't live anywhere close to try it out.

Zeldafan6431d ago

I played it a lot as a kid. You must be Andre from Gamexplain.

EddieNX 32d ago

If they start releasing SNES , GBA, N64 games with online multiplayer then it's going to justify the $20 yearly fee and then some!

LiViNgLeGaCY31d ago

I definitely agree. I'm getting excited.

Zeldafan6431d ago

If they add games beyond SNES then they'll start charging more than $20 a year.

stupidusername31d ago

Without a doubt. I also doubt we’ll see any GBA or N64 games free on switch. They’re most likely planning a mini version of the N64 and they’ll profit from that a few years before offering anything for free theough the obline service on switch.
This is Nintendo, they’ve never been a company that does much charity.

RosweeSon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

GameCube they have controller adapators so wouldn’t be a stretch plus as much as I want GBA as 3ds never did apart from the 10 ambassador games but gameboy gameboy colour as well please

Benjaminkno31d ago

I’m sure they’ll start with a few SNES mini games first.
Maybe they can release 4-5 every month instead of 2-3.
Good news anyway

ZaWarudo31d ago

I'm ashamed to admit that i never played Super Metroid and Link to the Past. So i'm looking forward to this.

OtterX31d ago

You're in for a treat. They both still stand up really well today.

Moonman31d ago

No need to be ashamed. Consider yourself lucky. Both games are superb! Super Metroid can get pretty challenging if new to Metroid, you may need a guide...but get to the end because you will feel so accomplished. An all-time classic!

Neonridr31d ago

two fantastic games. LTTP is arguably one of my favorite games ever.

Zeldafan6431d ago

My first Metroid was Other M.

TheGamez10031d ago

Played and beat em years ago and still go back and play them from time to time even now. A few of the best classics ever.

Gemmol31d ago

Nintendo add online to these retro games so it may be fun to play with strangers or friends

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The story is too old to be commented.