Falling in and out of love with you: Ars reviews Fallout 3

Ars writes: "Just a few feet in front of me stands a balding, wiry man who wants to kill me. He snaps at me with a loathsome tone for asking a line of ethical questions about his occupation of slave trader. Sun-weathered skin cracks around his mouth as he barks "get yer ass out of here if you don't like it then!" I relent and cool him down a bit. I inform him that I would like to inspect and possibly acquire several of his goods, but I am swiftly denied.

Perhaps he knows of my true intent, to rescue two children who have recently vanished from a neighboring shantytown. He hints to me that I can gain entrance to his slave pen if I offer him the right sum of caps, which are the legal tender in the Wastelands. Better yet, giving him a slave from a nearby town might improve my odds. I question whether I should even continue this harrowing discussion as I eye the road behind me."

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UnwanteDreamz4654d ago

I have to say the game seems bigger than I expected it to be. I didn't think I would use V.A.T.S. but it has already grown on me. I have also looked into the customization of characters like skills ect.. this game is deep if you want it to be.

P.S. I have the PS3 version and it runs fine. The differences everyone is talking about are truly only for fanboy eyes not real gamers.

damnwrx4654d ago

I may have to start all over again, coz I accidently killed Amana's father.........oh, well!

fausty94654d ago

i realise that the game is multi-platform, but i was really hoping this article (filed under the ps3 page) would shed some finer light on the ps3 version. i've been on the sidelines when a lot of these reviews get written where a certain version of a game is labeled as the weakest. to my surprise, a game i really want (and bought), the strongest console of the group is being written off as inferior. i'm not even sure what kind of graphical shortcomings i should be looking for, so i just decided i wouldn't look for them at all. cheers.
p.s.this article is a review of the 360 version, so......