Preorders available for Nintendo Selects versions of Majora's Mask, Mario Maker and Star Fox 3DS

Amazon has opened preorders for the Nintendo Selects versions of Star Fox 64 3D, Super Mario Maker for 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.

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RosweeSon978d ago

Ah Nintendo should really stop charging full price for these ports. Oh wait.

Teflon02978d ago

This isn't relevant. These are games that have been out for years on 3DS and they were 3DS full price titles until now. So...

CobraKai978d ago

I was contemplating buying Starfox for $30 used on eBay. I’ll take this. Better ridiculously late than never.

RosweeSon978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

So... what would you rather they didn’t do a Nintendo selects range like Microsoft don’t have a budget range this Gen or any games from this Gen last Gen or their first Gen that people would pay £10 for let alone £30/40

FinalFantasyFanatic977d ago

The thing that annoys me is that Nintendo almost never has price drops on their games, even ones that have been out for years. I'd buy more if they did have price drops more often.

meganick978d ago

Nintendo should do this more often, including with Switch titles.

RosweeSon978d ago

And they will what’s Microsoft’s excuse apart from lack of games why don’t they have a budget range

nommers978d ago

And it only took about 10 years for Star Fox 3DS :/