Rogue One Writer Rips Into EA Over Cancelled Star Wars Game "It Would Have Been Star Wars Uncharted"

Earlier in the week, news broke that yet another Star Wars game has bit the dust and the reaction to EA's cancellation immediately stirred up community ire among gamers

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sammarshall10232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

That sounds really good. EA with their resources could be so much better than they are...

I still can't believe Star Wars 1313 with Lucas Arts was canceled, that game got me so hyped for this generation

Profchaos31d ago

Wasn't 1313 cancelled due to the rights being sold to Disney

Godmars29031d ago

Still a head scratching move considering Disney almost immediately turned over rights to make SW games to EA.

sammarshall10231d ago

Idk what the situation was but someone should finish it 1313 looked great

bloop31d ago

@Profchaos: I thought 1313 was still in development after the Disney buy out but then they just decided to close down Lucas Arts and everything they were working on was canned?? I really can't understand why Disney did that, or what they've done with the franchise as a whole. I guess they just really wanted that 4 billion $ back and EA just happened to be knocking on the door with their cheque book. All they had to do was keep the fans happy and the cash would keep rolling in, but they're doing the complete opposite, even with the movies.

whothedog31d ago

I heard it was cancelled because it was a single player only title.

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NecrumOddBoy31d ago

Gary Whitta is a very interesting and intelligent guy, but the fact he chooses to work for the pieces of trash at Kinda Funny Games disgusts me.

Max_Eckhardt31d ago

I’m not familiar with Kinda Funny Games. What is your problem with them if you don’t mind me asking?

Brugal31d ago

What did they do to you to warrant that type of vitriol towards them?

spartan112g30d ago

A little made there, are we?

Godmars29031d ago

*Should* be better than they are. Instead they've been pulling this s**t, establishing or acquiring game franchises only to cripple and ruin them through scheduling demands and budget restrictions for stockholder benefits, since Ultima.

Hardiman31d ago

Preaching to the choir man but yeah EA's gonna EA that's for sure! The worst part is they has enough capital that they could do their Battlefronts and do narrative driven SP Star Wars games but again this is EA we're talking about.

bluefox75531d ago

Not much of a Star Wars fan, but I would have checked it out.

CrimsonWing6931d ago

I know!!!! Scalebound and this were really a let down for me when I heard they were canceled. I really wanted this game but Star Wars seems to have issues with cancellation like that M rated Star Wars game that was going to come out by LucasArts... man that was a bit of blow, too.

MasterChief362431d ago

Is he sure that he's not thinking of the Amy Hennig canceled Star Wars game? That would make more sense to be "Star Wars Uncharted" given her pedigree.

FalconofLucis9831d ago

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Why have you got so many dislikes? People cant accept facts.

DerekTweed29d ago

It's because they are the same game.

Cikatriz_ESP31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Same game. It wasn’t cancelled before, it was moved to a new studio and taken in a new direction. Now it’s cancelled.

bigmalky31d ago

Yeah. This one seemed like an action MMO, or a squad based co-op game by the descriptions.

EA are still dumb AF for cancelling the Hennig game though. She needs to go back to Sony and ask if she can write a new IP.