Could a New Console Compete with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo?

For a very long time, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have had a strong hold on the console race. The PlayStation and Xbox line of video game systems cater to that crowd of purists who want the best-looking console games, access to their favorite online shooters, and a couple neat exclusives. Meanwhile Nintendo's platforms push for innovation while giving us a long list of familiar and beloved franchises.

You'd think the answer would be simple, but it's really not. At least not without first looking at a multitude of variables.

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Benjaminkno32d ago

If they can offer something different
Otherwise, MS doesn’t sell much as it is and they are trying very hard without much software development

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rainslacker31d ago

It may not have to be different. Just have something that attracts the customer.

porkChop32d ago

It would be extremely difficult. You'd have to have a steady stream of quality games that can't be played anywhere else, you'd have to have a competitive price and hardware, and you'd have to have features and such that make people want your console. You'd need some kind of edge.

You're going to have to do that while fighting consumer's natural instinct to not trust/buy into unproven products, and also the stigma caused by failed consoles like the Ouya.

Slightly Mad Studios think they have it all figured out and that they're just gonna knock it out of the park with ease. They don't seem to understand how many companies have tried and failed while being in far better positions than SMS is. If it works out for them, good. But I'm not putting any money into that system, and I don't expect much to come from it.

Saigon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

The one thing that you missed from your comment and this is very important in order to do anything that you listed. They have to get the 3rd Party developers on board to develop for the console. If they do not, the system might as well not release.

porkChop31d ago

You're right, I did miss that. Third party is absolutely important, especially for a new and unproven console manufacturer.

rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

None of that sounds all that difficult.

Biggest thing it would need would be a huge marketing budget and software support, and the tools needed for easy software support by devs. At least if it was targeting the same market as Sony/MS. I think it'd be harder to compete against Nintendo in the portable market.

porkChop31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It might not sound difficult, but for a company that has never created any hardware? It would be hard to pull it all off, and do it all well.

Unless you're a big publisher none of that would be easy to pull off. You need first party studios for steady, quality releases. Having the money for a huge marketing budget, plus R&D isn't easy to set aside. Good dev tools would be a bit easier if you've got experience in software/engine tooling.

Deathdeliverer31d ago

In other words it has to be a PlayStation in its own right.

porkChop31d ago

Yeah, that's a good way to look at it. If you're going to compete you have to at least somewhat match the competition, otherwise no one has any reason to buy your product.

Hardiman31d ago

Only if they have the capital to fund solid, talented devs that can bring the games. Games the reason we're here!

starchild31d ago

I love how you completely leave out any other qualities that matter for a game platform. Every platform has hundreds and hundreds of games. What you really mean is "exclusives are all that matter...the kind of exclusives I like are all that, performance, features, cost, and any other consideration don't matter".

Now, am I implying that exclusives don't matter? No, I'm not. Exclusives provide an extra incentive to get one platform over another. They can be an important point of distinction for a platform, and Google, Amazon or any other company looking to get into the console market needs to be able to compete in that area. But they better not listen to you and be misled into thinking that that is all that matters.

The Wii U had quite a number of good exclusives, but it didn't get certain other aspects right and it sold poorly. The PS3 had just as good of exclusives as the PS4, but it got outsold by the 360 for half the generation because the price was too high and their online service was lagging behind, but after they revised the hardware and lowered the price and improved their online service while still keeping it free they slowly caught up over the second half of the generation. The Wii outsold both the PS3 and 360, though. The PC doesn't have the Sony exclusives that people like you think are the end-all-be-all but it has a larger user base than any single console.

So quit acting like exclusives, especially Sony exclusives, are all that matter. There's a lot more to gaming than exclusives. A number of other factors are important to a platform.

Hardiman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

No there's not! There are options but games are what make you buy a console. This Is how it's been since the beginning. No double speak or slight of hand will ever change this! Sony wasn't here in the 80's and early 90's but even then exclusives moved units. They just know this and deliver in spades! If other "options" were the main factors it looks like sales would show that. The sooner you come to this realization the better you'll feel.

starchild31d ago

Most games aren't exclusives. Yes, exclusives are one factor that people consider, but not the only one. Exclusives are just "options" too. They're not all good and any given exclusive will never appeal to everybody. Exclusives have NEVER been the only reason people buy a game system. It's only been in recent years that we've heard this nonsense, and it's only coming from fanboys.

Sony do realize exclusives help encourage people to buy their systems and that's great. But if you think that's the only reason the PS4 is doing well you simply don't understand this industry at all.

In any case, the PC continues to attract more gamers and generate more revenue than any console platform...and does so with nary a Sony exclusive in sight.

Hardiman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Starchild games are the main reason a person buys a console. Price is also a major factor but games are what get the potential customer engaged in the first place to question whether the console is worth the money in the first place! Features and options are great and most have those so that's really not a big factor. What is a big factor are what games can be played in the console. This isn't just my prerogative because there is sales data that shows there is a correlation with who takes the biggest share and what leads to that large share.

I've been gaming for over 30 years and only this gen have I began hearing "exclusives " don't matter, which is crazy because they mattered every generation before so why now are they all of the sudden a non factor?!?!

The article asks if another console could COMPETE with the big three and if history is anything to go by then they'd better have some amazing software that can't be played elsewhere to even begin to get eyes on the product, let alone compete!

DerekTweed29d ago

Back in NES, mega drive and even playstation 1 days, did multi platform games even exist?

I was quite young at the time but I seem to remember that basically all games were exclusive to one platform.

Maybe because the to make a game for multiple platforms was just too much work.

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Apocalypse Shadow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'm waiting on the new Soulja Boy, Chinese, Superman, Super System myself. With the all new HMD(#*e mounted display) accessory. And bed sheet cloth cover./S

Should have great exclusives....of someone else's games. And sell millions.

ab681031d ago

And it will only cost 59.99

PhoenixUp31d ago

I can’t see any other company willing to invest billions into a new console brand that may not even guarantee profit for years to come

starchild31d ago

I think both Google and Amazon are eyeing the console market. And they do have the capital to do it if they decide to.

rainslacker31d ago

If someone is willing to invest billions, they're willing to wait years to see a return. Big investment is usually really long term.

PhoenixUp30d ago

@ Star

Google already has Android. Them making a gaming console makes as much sense as Apple entering the console market...again. We’ll have to wait and see what Amazon does. They bought some studios but haven’t done much with them

@ rain

They’d also need a strong reason to. Sony entered the market for revenge and Microsoft did so to unite home entertainment with computers. Another company now would be entering into a now more fiercer arena where preestablished brand loyalty is stronger now than its ever been.

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