FIFA 19 trumped Red Dead and COD as Europe's highest selling game in 2018

Gfk Entertainment data shows EA Sports' football title as the most popular across 15 countries.

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Stormswrath433d ago

Why all the hate. Red dead is one of the most beautiful pieces of trash I have ever seen and COD is....well...COD, there are better shooters out there. FIFA is good and it was always going to sell alot considering this years iteration has Champions League and Europa League. I like it.

georeo32d ago

Game is good, but other stuff with pay to win is the real deal breaker and greed that Ea is and wants.

DerekTweed31d ago

The Ultimate team is terrible but it is optional, the game has various other game modes, including several single player modes.

I didn't buy Fifa for a few years, since it goes into EA Access Vault, but one could argue the amount of content in the game is worth the $60 asking price, since there is still more content than older versions even when without FUT.

DerekTweed31d ago

This is absolutely not surprising at all