Is Activision Burning Down

Is Activision shedding its non-Activision relationships on purpose? Or is this just some good gaming drama?

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akbennyewu32d ago

Activision just had an NOI of almost $1.3 Billion YTD 2018 as of October, they are doing fine.
Crooked? Yes.
Slight short term correction due to Bungie and Destiny agreement exit? Yes
Burning down? Absolutely not.

PapaBop32d ago

Not burning down but they are hardly in a good position. Bungie stuff aside, their Blizzard stuff isn't doing so great either. WoW subscribers are almost certainly at an all time low, many of their most dedicated fans are quickly losing faith in them if they haven't already, Overwatch is getting a lot of hate from it's community too these days and well we all know what happened with HOTS. What else do Activision even have outside of CoD? Even then they're a far cry away from Kotick arrogantly proclaiming he'll charge extra because people will buy it anyway.

Father__Merrin32d ago

id really like to know what activision has done to people for people to wish them to crash and burn

Fist4achin32d ago

No. Honored contracts can and do expire. They are probably fishing around for their next business venture. They have a ton of money to throw around and are among the biggest companies next to EA and Ubisoft. They didn't get their by sitting on their hands.

SlagWolf31d ago

AS much as I’d love to see that.
They still have COD to keep them alive.
When that game does off though then we may be witnessing the end