Nintendo’s Switch Online Is Slowly Turning Into An Amazing Classic Games Service

Verge writes: "Nintendo is terrible when it comes to the internet, and in a lot of ways, the Switch Online subscription service is no different. There are annoying restrictions around cloud saves, for instance, and voice chat is relegated to a mobile app. It can feel archaic, especially compared to Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. But there’s one aspect of the service that has become an indispensable part of how I use my Switch: the free retro games."

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eagle21876d ago

I totally agree and the keyword is SLOWLY. But I have to admit, I am now enjoying Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link as I have never played the game before. And after restoring the first crystal...I am now hooked to finish it. The promise of SNES and more game consoles will make this service amazing....hopefully not too slowly though.

n1kki6876d ago

It has turned into a great service I will buy it when they have a competent joycon with a dpad. THe hori one is trash, Playing these games with a stick in hand held mode is bull shit

Benjaminkno876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

I like the dpad one they have in handheld mode only

NotoriousWhiz876d ago

If you stick with it, the joy con button dpad isn't that bad. Sure an actual dpad is better, but I've become very competent at just using the buttons to move for 2D games.

n1kki6876d ago

So nobody else hates the fact that nintendo hasnt released a fully featured left joycon with a dpad. Finctionaly the direction pad could still be used in separated mode for playing two player mode. The 4 buttons dpad is the dumbest thing about the system.

SegaSaturn669876d ago

I agree. Zero desire to play D-Pad games without a D-pad. Terrible design decision.

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Benjaminkno876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

You might want to quit after the second crystal. The game is the most difficult one to date I think. It was always my favorite.

WeAreLegion876d ago

You know you can just play that on your phone for free, right?

Sm00thNinja876d ago

With emulators and mods? Sure but that's illegal my dude

deadfrag876d ago

Crap service for 2019,thats the actuall truth!

-volt-876d ago

Same for PSN and XBL. They should be free.

neutralgamer1992876d ago

Agreed playing online shouldn't require any service. They should offer extra benefits and than let gamers pick if they want the service

gangsta_red876d ago

Agreed. Both services should be free for playing multiplayer games.

Of anything put the other bells and whistles behind some type of paywall.

TheEnigma313876d ago

No those are ecosystems. Not like pc where there can be other servers from different people. I’d rather pay $60 a year with free games and a great online service with auto updates, auto saves, dedicated servers. Don’t let Nintendo get a pass on this. I have a switch and love it but the service is trash.

Evilryusam876d ago

No, no one should ever give any of these three a free pass. If you can play mobile games online, and still not have to pay an additional sub on top of actually paying for telecommunication services, consoles shouldn't either period.
The only reason their getting away with it, is because they know casual gamers are ignorant.

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Concertoine876d ago

The worst thing about it is it has no longevity. Im not owning any of these games, when the service is done all the work put into revamping those games will be for nothing.

Sono421875d ago

Anyone praising this is delusional

FallenAngel1984876d ago

I’d still prefer a Virtual Console than this. Having indefinite access to classic titles is the best method

Plus so many NES titles provide basic experiences compared to later generations

Gemmol876d ago

I disagree although i would pf gotten switch online to play online even if nothing was given. I still like how Nintendo add online play to these old games, if they can do this for Mario kart 64 i would definitely get into playing old games again i was a beast in that game back in the days but with online play I can finally know how good i am

FallenAngel1984876d ago

Sucks how Nintendo can add online multiplayer to old NES games but not for rereleases like NSMBUD

Teflon02876d ago

They need a reason to re-release it at $70 next Gen. Come on lol. We should know this by now

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