We can finally play New Super Mario Bros U the way it was truly intended

We're finally getting to play New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe the way it always should have been played

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FallenAngel198433d ago

Not really since you’re forced to play as a handicap character when you have four players present. Pretty sure Nintendo didn’t intend for that in 2012

CobraKai33d ago

For all the crap people talked about the WiiU, all these games being ported to the Switch is a testament of how underrated that console really is. At least those who didn’t want to invest in a WiiU can now play it on the Switch

Author said the Vita killed the WiiU. Haha.

GameBoyColor33d ago

The wiiu wasn't underrated, it was straight garbage. The games were fantastic though and I enjoyed the hell out of them at the time but I would not touch the console ever again if all my favorite games get ported.

Cris7tiano32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

He's not wrong though. Actually, it shows how garbage the Wii U are. Vita stayed a little longer and surprise, it still gets some games but Wii U is not anymore. Thank the heavens, its games are being ported, so I wouldn't touch it anymore.

Gameseeker_Frampt32d ago

Nothing says fun like sitting over a bowl of slowly cooling feces playing a video game.

Leeroyw32d ago

See the only reason I know what your name means is by playing Dark Souls last week over that bowl. It's like the lord vessel of entertainment.

Gameseeker_Frampt32d ago

That must of really made the Depths come alive in all its olfactory glory.

locomorales33d ago

It's absolutelly thr same game.

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