Nintendo: 'We've never neglected core gamers'

MCV: UK boss David Yarnton promises that format holder hasn't lost its passion for hardcore sector

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Drekken4275d ago

Nintendo: 'We've never neglected core gamers' - UNTIL NOW!

vitz34275d ago

No sh*t.

Mario 128 is coming!

ChickeyCantor4275d ago

O really Drekken?
Where were the 'core' with the n64 and GCN?
Double standards must be in these days.

Captain_Sony4275d ago

You got it Sidar.. Some are true Nintendo fans and others just want to pretend to be so they can act all pissed off and be justified in their hate. Most REAL Nintendo fans already know the Wii has gotten games at a faster pace from Nintendo then any other console they made before it. Like them or hate them you cannot prove they havent catered to their fans with any legit proof. All anyone has to do is look at the release list for the N64 and GC's first two years then look at Wii's.

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SinnedNogara4243d ago

There are LOADS of hardcore games on Wii, just less then 360 and PS3. Nintendo is abandoning us as of Q4 2008. Wii Music sucks. We want Star Fox.