Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2008-10-20 / 2008-10-26

Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2008-10-20 / 2008-10-26 and Sales

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TheColbertinator4277d ago

Nothing but the usual Wii,DS,PSP,and PS2 games selling in Japan.

MaximusPrime4277d ago

i agreed.

I cant help but noticing that 6900 xbox 360s were sold and only one software for 360 is 43rd on the list (or is it 43rd?)

Fox014276d ago

Tenchu 4 bombed hard, bad news for hardcore gaming in Japan.

- Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia not too bad but I expected a little something more about 25k since it sold 41k in its first day.

- PS3 is almost dead in Japan, I really hope White Knight Chronicles has a lot of success, the game apparently deserves it.

- Wii Music hasn't sold the half of its first shipment yet.

Omega44277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

Wow, the 360 numbers actually increased and without any game releases very impressive

Edit: my bad didnt realise, its just that the VGchatz Japan had the 360 at 3400 last week and since this story is from the same place thought they were similar

MaximusPrime4277d ago

increased? it looks more like a decrease to me.

KingME4276d ago

Should you have been posting for the week of the 13th and not 29 september?

FBl4277d ago

And it scored lower than Too Human

Aquanox4276d ago


Console :
PSP 67,000
NDS 26,000
Wii 25,000
PS2 7,500
Xbox 360 6,900
PS3 4,100

Darn... The Xbox 360 is selling more software than the PS3 and almost as much as the PS2 in Japan.

This is getting crazy.

belal4277d ago

that will bost the sales back up to 13-117 consoles again :)

i expect white knight to atleast sell 100k first week in japan, and atleast 30-50k ps3s

Lucreto4277d ago

I am surprised the 360 is still out selling the PS3. LBP might help but according to the article the DSi is out on Saturday might hamper sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.