Dead or Alive 6 Director Clarifies Comments on Reduced Fanservice; Debunks PS4 Censorship Rumors

Dead or Alive 6 has sparked discussion among fans about the level of fanservice included in the game, and rumors have been running rampant due to a recent interviewì with Director and Producer Yohei Shimbori.

Twinfinite talked to Shimbori-san, who provided clarity and debunked rumors of censorship on PS4.

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Kashima32d ago

"The best place to play" /s

Nyxus32d ago

"Any rumors about censorship for Sony’s [platform] are not true."

But keep trolling.

Kashima32d ago

They reduced clothes damage because of sony that count as censorship, mentioned in older article.

Nyxus32d ago

Yes, and that was proven false as stressed multiple times by the man who actually was supposed to have said that. Try reading this article before posting.

Abriael32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


"They reduced clothes damage because of sony"

That is absolutely not what Shimbori-san said. "Older article" was pretty literally fake news.

UCForce32d ago

@Kasima I think you are way too naive. Lack of judgment and lack of self control.

rainslacker32d ago


I might believe that it was due to Sony's policy, and KT is just trying to say this was their vision to avoid conflict with Sony, IF they had not come out and said long before these censorship policies were known that they were toning down the design of the female bodies as well. There is a definite shift in how these games are being designed compared to older ones, where the sexy depictions were almost celebrated. Now that kind of thing is taking a back seat. On a side note, I give the designers credit for still keeping the sexy feel of the game in tact, despite not making it overly gratuitous.

Anyhow, since the censorship policies are more recent, and really came out of nowhere for all devs, there's enough reasonable doubt to not blame Sony here. I also think the dev has been very transparent through all this, and has stated why and what they are doing with the game in relation to all this stuff, so I don't see any reason to think he's lying now. They stated their reason for doing this was to attract more customers, and wouldn't have mentioned the censorship policies if people weren't asking if this was the reason why.

I'm against Sony's censorship policies 100%, but I'm not going to blame them for what isn't their fault. It's a fine line between being against censorship, and supporting what the dev wants, and if people just cast blame where it isn't warranted, it makes actual instances of things that need to be criticized less meaningful.

If one wants to cast judgement on the dev over the issue, that's fine, but attribute the outcomes to the proper people.

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rainslacker32d ago

Given that its not censored due to Sony's policy, I'm not sure what you feel was clever about your sarcastic comment.

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XiNatsuDragnel32d ago

But still that's BS. Extreme fanservice is this franchise mantra get rid of that uniqueness you create another Street fighter

Abriael32d ago

There's plenty of fanservice in the game.

Source: I played it.

gamer780431d ago

that doesn't mean that the fan service hasn't been reduced, it clearly has compared to DOA5. From less destruction, no physics options like DOA and OMG modes etc.

Abriael31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@gamer7804: No. It "clearly" hasn't. The fanservice level is pretty much similar to vanilla 5. There's plenty jiggle and having no OMG option doesn't mean less fanservice, just less comedy, because comedy is all OMG was. Clothes damage has never been a major feature in DOA at launch.

pietro121232d ago

Not really. Two different fighting games even with the toned down fan service (which I'm hoping really isn't the case)

isarai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The only thing toned down is on the surface first impressions like adverts, trailers, starting/default costumes. But if you played the beta, or watched the outfits trailer (where it show skimpy bikinis galore), or read the ESRB rating(where it mentions the infamous one pice "V" swimsuit) you'd realize it's going to be the same old DOA, it's just trying to give a more serious first impression cause the lead wants it to be taken more seriously in the competitive scene. Hell if you watch the Nyo Tengu trailer all her power moves and grabs flourish in what is basically female dominant sex poses, not even kidding

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

While I agree that it's a staple of the series, you have to admit, despite the changes, they've done quite well keeping it sexy without being overly gratuitous. Just goes to show how sexy isn't always or completely about what you can see, but an attitude.

I dunno if it's BS though. The clothing damage was never a major part of the series. It was never something where clothes were so destroyed it showed signficantly more that I can recall.

32d ago
SlagWolf31d ago

Get the pc version. Modders will be sure you get all the fan service you want

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32d ago
gamer780431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Sony's influence probably contributed but it was the devs management decision, its definitely toned down.

All this article states is the game is toned down on all systems equally and there is reduced costume destruction. Any hope for dlc for paradise island has also vanished.

Just vote with your wallets if you care, then they might backtrack on this after they see sales or preorders plummet.

Abriael31d ago

It's funny to see someone who has not played the game for a minute being so sure that it is "definitely" toned down.

It isn't. It's just as fanservicey as 5 was at launch, if not more because the graphics are way more detailed.

gamer780431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Sorry, please tell me if in the options for physics are there like the DOA and OMG modes? Also the costume destruction has been toned down as per the producer of this game.

Abriael31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@gamer78043: I can't make it more easy to understand than what I already did. There is plenty of jiggle physics in the game. The OMG mode doesn't make it more fanservicey. It just makes it ridiculous.

The implementation of the jiggle physics in 6 looks awesome, as opposed to the water balloons with weird physics we had before that you seem to mistake for something sexy for reasons that will probably remain unknown.

Costume break has never been prominent in launch DOA5, so it's certainly not toned down from that.

Keep bashing games that offer plenty of fanservice in this fanatical way, and you'll simply end up alienating developers. Team Ninja is doing whatever they can to provide the fans with as much fanservice as they can squeeze in, but considering the reactions they get from some, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave up on a certain crowd.

gamer780431d ago

Thank you, all you had to do is confirm exactly what I said, which you just did ,with more words than necessary.

Abriael31d ago

gamer7804: Nope. I didn't in any shape or form confirm anything you said. You're just purposely misinterpreting it to justify your own fantasy rage.

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ShadowWolf71231d ago

No, this article quite literally does not state that anywhere. That's pure conspiracy theory BS.

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