Is Streaming the Future of Gaming?

SXO: Gaming is changing, of that, there is no doubt. Companies such as Sony invested in streaming technology long ago with the likes of PlayStation Now, while Microsoft is also planning its own future, with Project X Cloud. Looking further afield, huge hitters such as Amazon, Verizon and Google are also investigating the technology, with some being further ahead than others.

So should we start planning for a future without consoles?

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Razzer32d ago

I don't see it replacing gaming as we know it entirely if that is what is meant by "the future".

Jin_Sakai32d ago

“Is Streaming the Future of Gaming?”

No. It’s just another option.

wotta32d ago

Yeah, it will be another option, but as with Netflix now, it'll likely become the dominant one.

anonymousfan32d ago

Streaming or subscription based gaming... Not quite the same... I prefer running the games locally personally

Tech532d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Fact-producing hardware is always at a loss. services are more profitable. my thoughts personally, i never liked having my games requiring an Internet connection. or requiring a subscription to gain access to my games. I will always be in favor of local hardware pared with Local gaming.

My thoughts - It should be obvious that AMD can only go so far with hardware. their latest GPU has basic features and costs $700. it should be recognizable for both sony and Microsoft that they can be better off investing in data centers and reaping in profits as a service. this current gen has been testing waters with online services.

My prediction - likely both companies will produce hardware, but their online services will be what they want to convey to gamers the most. while few may like cloud gaming; investing in data centers allows for cheaper distribution of cloud gaming and games, and adds more feature to their services, while gaining profitable margins.

rainslacker32d ago


It may gain a large audience, and it may even outnumber what we would call the traditional model now. But the traditional model will stick around for quite a while. Mobile outpaces traditional gaming, and people used that to say regular gaming was on the way out, but obviously that didn't happen. So there is absolutely nothing to suggest that streaming will become dominate, because despite making money now, it hasn't had a negative effect on other markets. Until that happens, anyone saying or asking if it will be the future, is premature in even bringing it up.

WelkinCole31d ago

Agee. I think for the casual gaming market it can be big but not for hardcore gaming.

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Fist4achin32d ago

Hopefully not. For some games/gamers maybe.

darthv7232d ago

Since streaming is just a means of gaming... it is not replacing gaming. Nothing is replacing gaming anytime soon.

Streaming is a part of gaming like downloading and physical as well. Like any other entertainment medium (music, movies, tv), gaming is adapting to the times and providing consumers with options on how they want their content delivered.

Razzer32d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't think it would replace gaming. It will be interesting to see who this type of service appeals to and whether or not it goes mainstream. Lots of questions about it and I don't see it as a slam-dunk as a major player in gaming. It is possible, but it wouldn't be the first over-hyped technology that came down the pike.

sammarshall10232d ago

It won't be any future of mine when it comes to gaming

Batchild2732d ago

I think looking WAY down, yes. It can very well be the main way people play games 20-30 years from now in US and Japan. A lot of work needs to be done on the tech and infrastructure side before then, though.

Dlacy13g32d ago

In its current state simply put no. It will take a while for the technology and infrastructure to be at a point that it is viable for all. That said, make no mistake about it, this is 100% the direction the gaming industry is moving toward.

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The story is too old to be commented.