Two million players have downloaded the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo in just a week

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom has revealed that more than two million players have downloaded and played the 1-Shot demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake on all platforms. Although the company did not reveal any downloads per platform, it did state that only 27% has actually finished the demo."

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Livingthedream35d ago

Not surprising, I have never really been into these games but remember playing briefly when I was younger. It looks great.

thatguyhayat35d ago

Ive never been able to get into the series but this game got me into it. I hope they give Onimusha the same love

CrimsonWing6935d ago

I know this is a bold statement but having played the demo I'm already considering this as one of my contenders for Game of the Year.