Days Gone: A Deep Dive into the Farewell Wilderness, Pre-Order Bonuses, Special Editions

Take a closer look at the breathtaking beauty — and unrelenting savagery — of Oregon's High Desert after the pandemic that killed the world.

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UCForce34d ago ShowReplies(11)
Nacho_Z34d ago

I really like the look of the bike handling, looks weighty and satisfying to control. Which is good considering you'll be on it a lot, it might sound daft but I bet you build a strong bond with it over time.

rdgneoz334d ago

From previous videos, you basically start off with a top of the line bike to show you what it can be like. Then it gets pillaged for parts and you have to start over from scratch. So you'll be bonding with that baby with all the time and effort you put into restoring her back to her former glory.

CrimsonWing6934d ago

I must be in the minority but this game looks incredible. I’m never going to understand why it barely gets talked about. To me, im way more excited for this then other big hitters like Anthem or The Division, but that’s just me.

LiViNgLeGaCY34d ago

Nah, I don't think you are. This game looks amazing, and I know a lot of other people that think the same. So excited for this game.

rdgneoz334d ago

It doesn't get much discussion because they delayed it by a month or 2 to avoid to surge of huge name games coming out. Since then, they haven't really released much info since it would get lost in the sea of info from the games coming out soon. Even Anthem waited a bit till after Christmas till it started dropping info and division just started doing that now.

ArchangelMike34d ago

I do hope we get more info as it gets closer to release. I know they said this is the first of three trailers, so I hope we get more deep dives in those. The only thing is I don't think one trailer a month will be enough to really rasie it's media profile, but then again it is a Sony Exclusive and it will be releasing in a relatively quiet month.

rdgneoz334d ago

They'll most likely ramp things up by the end of Feb and do a lot in March up till release. Drop a lot of info now and it'll just get overshadowed by all the big name releases coming out in the next 2 months.

ArchangelMike34d ago

I'm with you on this one, I'm really excited for this game. It was the media that immediatyely started throwing stones after it's reveal with comments like "oh it's just another zombie game" and "It's a TLOU clone" etc etc".

But I agree that I''m much more excited for this game than the likes of Far Cry New Dawn, Anthem and Destiny. I'd also pick Days Gone in a fight over Metro or Crackdown 3.

I can't wait.

nucky6434d ago

i'm equally excited for metro: exodus and days gone - both look like great adventures.

nucky6434d ago

looks like great fun to me too - i have no clue why some people are wanting to hate on it or give it backhanded complements - i'm there day1!

Chevalier33d ago

Literally its even in the title of the game! DAYs gONE.

Sevir33d ago

No, early gameplay footage was concerning... The game looks fantastic now.

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HeisenbergX34d ago

This looks awesome honestly.. now i'm more excited for the game which is great.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod34d ago

This game is looking better and better, haters gonna hate.

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The story is too old to be commented.