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Death’s Gambit is a game that falls under the fan-made category of ‘Souls-Like’, a game that follows the same or similar formula to the ‘Dark Souls’ series.

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Batchild2734d ago

Not too meaty of a review. Gonna look for more detail elsewhere but this one did get me interested more so than I already was.

Daver34d ago

I just finished it and while there is some interesting ideas the game felt just like an ok game. The gameplay is a bit boring and does not feel rewarding. I did not notice any major bugs on the ps4 version.

Nacho_Z34d ago

It was one I was interested in because of the genre but it sounded a bit rough at release. I looked it up a few days ago and it's had updates but I saw people complaining it was still buggy and that they wouldn't recommend it. Dunno what to think really.

william_cade34d ago

Make an indy game with platforms to jump on and semi-shit graphics, and the score will never be below a 7.

ButchKween34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The reviews on release were mixed. I was always worried about this game because you didn't hear about it for years and when it did launch, many said it was pretty buggy. Patches should fixed it by now. Wait 4 a sale.