New Star Citizen Video Shows Female Characters as Crowdfunding Passes 215 Million Dollars

Today Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen. In the video, players get to take a look at two elements that are going to be implemented in the upcoming update alpha 3.5.

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TeamIcoFan33d ago

Welp, this isn't gonna sit well with certain members of the gaming community~!

web101733d ago

Why are people still funding this? The game is already passed its needed funding, and it still hasnt been released. Do people just like throwing money into these guys pockets and waiting for a game that is not finished?

krauley33d ago

Why do you care what people do with their money? Doesnt effect you or me since i did not and will not add funding $'s but if someone does thats cool for them. Right?

33d ago
Lonnie1833d ago

How much is enough? Not understanding here...

Tech533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

it's splitting the budget with Squadron 42. some high paid actors are going to be in it. Mark Hamil, Mark strong, Henry cavil, Gary oldman, and Gillian Anderson to name a few. new demo of Squadron 42 will be out next year.

Tankbusta4033d ago

500 million left to go... Give till it hurts boyz

outsider162433d ago

No no, that's still less. I say 785 million more to go.

neutralgamer199233d ago

Good for those who are enjoying it. For those like me who don't have no interest let it go this game from what I understand is already playable

This isn't a game anymore this is more of a way of living with actual politics behind the scenes from different clans

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The story is too old to be commented.