Activision Names Standard Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reticle the "Cyclops," Sells It for $1

Activision is back at it again. In the Black Market, the publisher is now selling what looks to be a standard Black Ops 4 reticle, which was renamed to "Cyclops," for yes, $1! Check out how it looks compared to the other free reticles.

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CyberSentinel33d ago

Total Bargain.
I’ll take 3!

Name Last Name32d ago

I remember back in the Good ol COD4 Days unlocking 3 digital camos for giving headshots + a special gold one for doing all guns in a class. Now even the remaster looks like a rave with color everywhere. These cosmetics have gone too far.

excaliburps32d ago

Yep. It's insane how basic it is and rheyre selling it. LOL!

deadfrag33d ago

And people keep supporting this greedy companys AMAZING !

excaliburps32d ago

It's those who don't know better that keeps on buying these things hence why Acti keeps pushing it. Granted, they're just cosmetics, but some are just downright sleazy.

Relientk7732d ago

Recticles like this in Black Ops 1 and 2 used to be unlocked by completing challenges in the multiplayer. This is BS

TheRacingX32d ago

Pure Genius!! They know their fanbase, blind 12yr old sheep that will buy anything with their parents money that they push on them....laughing all the way to the bank!!! I know alot of people say to boycott the game, the loot, whatever.... but there isn't enough 'smart' people playing this game to make it matter.....unfortunately this practice is deeply entrenched now in gaming and its only going to spread like wildfire...sad indeed.

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