8 Most Pointless Features of this Console Generation

Modern consoles provide a plethora of wonderful functions, but there are a few pointless features of current consoles that really don't do a whole lot.

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JunMei34d ago

It's a article where you have to click through all the posts just s they can maximize ad revenue. Don't give the author your time. You could have easily put everything on one page.

porkChop34d ago

It's Twinfinite, can't expect much more from them.

Cris7tiano34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Whenever you put all of your discussion points in one single page, then I may consider visiting your website.

Blank34d ago

I hate these click for the next thing bull
1. Kinect
2. Xbox One HDMI in
3. DS4 touch pad
4. DS4 light bar
5. Vita rear tpuch pad
6. Vita Near
7. Switch app
8. 3DS and Vita AR
Here you go everyone listed so no one will need to click through that crap.

Apocalypse Shadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Thanks Blank. I hate sites when they do this. Maybe they need revenue. But there's got to be some other way to do it from them.

As for the list, there's nothing wrong with each of them and are not pointless. Each one did and does serve a purpose. Even Kinect had good ideas. It just needed to be done better and improved on.

And the guy lists the DS4 light bar and the touch pad. Guess he never played Astrobot; one of the highest rated VR games of last year that uses both features. Besides other games also using those features for VR. Making the article "pointless."

porkChop34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Kinect, Near, and 3DS/Vita AR were certainly pointless for the most part. There was never any decent use that justified any of them.

The others may not have been used much but they weren't really pointless.

rainslacker34d ago

I'd consider Vita more last gen, but I guess they needed to round out the list. And Near is an app, not a big feature....although it was pretty pointless unless you lived in a big city. But doesn't Switch do something similar now?

DS4 light pad isn't pointless if you have VR, but for general gaming, I can agree, and I never even see or look at it when I play games.

AR on the portables wasn't pointless. It was utilized in some games, although not my thing.

I agree to varying degrees about the rest of the stuff.

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blawren433d ago

I'll certainly agree with AR on the 3DS. It was a cool novelty, but nothing more. I would add TVii for the Wii U on that list as well. I do like that companies try new things though. You never know what might catch on. Amiibo are kind of pointless imo if you don't count the collectible figure aspect and the huge profitability.