Cory Barlog: In God of War, “We Cut A Lot of Bosses”

The game director of God of War, Cory Barlog, revealed in a long interview how the project was initially even more ambitious and out of his mind, with a greater number of bosses.

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gangsta_red36d ago

Seriously, the lack of boss fights or just using the same giant troll was one of the only biggest criticisms I had of the game.

Kribwalker36d ago

I agree. I wanted more boss battles and a better variation of enemies instead of the same enemies with a different burn.

The Wood36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Lol. Funny!

But true.

Side note. . . Have both of you guys competed it yet? Screenshots of platinum trophy or it didn't happen. . .😎

HaveSumNuts36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I wanted more bosses as well but the Valkeries did kind of make up for it. Even if they just had different attack patterns, they were a good challenge

Edit: I wanted to fight that giant ass eagle in Helheim why the hell put something so epic looking in the distance that I can't interact with

gangsta_red36d ago


Are you expecting a "property of..." pic from one of us??

blitz062336d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees, this is the most common and legitimate concern the game had. The only 'real' boss fight without going into spoilers was epic, but also underwhelming. The best bosses in the game were the optional Valkyries which were the best fights

The Wood36d ago


Yesir. With you embossed in the pic holding a G red banner

Potnoodle99936d ago

Prove you’ve completed the game. We all know you haven’t but bet you’d like to shut us up? But can’t? Ahh I see now it all fits! 👍

Kribwalker36d ago


I can’t show you a platinum because i didn’t platinum it, but i beat the game and got 55% of the trophies

sammarshall10236d ago

More fights like The Stranger would have made it my favorite game of all time

Kaze8836d ago


You know you don't have to platinum a game to beat the story ;) and platinuming a game doesn't make you any better to judge if it's good game for everybody. Everyone has their own preferences, some like to grind meaningless shit to get a shiny virtual trophy and some like just enjoy the good story with a great gameplay.

Anyone saying that there was no repetition or lack of bosses....specially when GOW has always been famous from the gore and their bosses, they are simply lying to themselves or being ignorant. It's a good game, but it could have been even better with some more variation.

bluefox75535d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@HaveSumNuts The Valkyrie fights were phenomenal. The Sigrun fight was probably the most satisfying gaming experience I've had in years.

obidanshinobi35d ago

@ Kribwalker - this shows your game history. Here's mine for instance -

Kribwalker35d ago


that’s a pretty good source to look at what you’ve played. Some games i’ll try, and if they don’t catch me right away i put them to the side and eventually try to come back to them.

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Hardiman36d ago

That's your main take away from that interview?!?!

stupidusername36d ago

Well it was the headline of this article...

Hardiman36d ago

Yes it is but after watching it boss fights was the last thing on my mind!

gangsta_red36d ago

It's definitely my main criticism of the game.

Andy_Dee36d ago

I don't get when people are giving down votes for something that is actually true.

Yea a bit too many of the same troll I agree. Let's hope for more gods in the next one!

By Thor's hammer!

Silly gameAr36d ago

I'm not sure why people are concerned about other people getting downvotes.

Plus, it could be the fact that he's a bit of a troll.

rainslacker36d ago

The troll wasn't really a boss after the first one that shows up. After that, it was just another enemy that showed up. They even respawned in some areas.

That may be why they're getting downvotes.

That, and the people saying it won't say anything good about the game anyways, so their opinions are not taken seriously.

Epic_Troy35d ago

Playstation n4g nothing new lmfaoo

Andy_Dee35d ago

It's not the biggest concern in that sense it has more to do with that the statement made is a fact, it is not an opinion so I just don't get the point of downvoting the truth hahah.

If you would go into the game and count, you can count the different bosses almost with one hand. Sure the valkyries were awesome, not saying anything bad about that! But unique bosses would've been fun to have a couple of more, just look at GOW 3. GOW 2. GOW 1. I think all of them has more than the latest installment.

But it's still a hell of a game! One of my favorites! :D

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HeisenbergX36d ago

Yeah well..

While i agree that there should have been more enemy variety and more bosses because of how the game is much longer than the previous GOW's i watched Kinda Funny interview with Cory and he said the trolls weren't bosses at all they are just normal enemies,kinda like the cyclops were in the old god of war games or for example chimeras in GOW 3.

NarutoFox36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The game was so great I still didn't care about that. Just the atmosphere and the world was amazing! That was enough for me. After reading this news article I already know the sequel is going to be better.

-Foxtrot36d ago

So instead of the same troll or stone ancient why not add some of the cut bosses in?

Would give the bosses some variety

I_am_Batman35d ago

Well I assume they got cut early on so it'd take a lot of work to get them to a level where they'd be of acceptable quality. I gotta say as much as I liked the new God of War I wish they would've gone for a more traditional linear level design. That way we probably would've gotten more interesting enemies and bosses and probably more felshed out realms.

DaDrunkenJester36d ago

That and the boss fights were really formuliac and lacked the depth and level changes the previous games boss fights had. Remember the older GoW when a boss fight would change in strategy AND location like 2 or 3 times? In this GoW it was just the same thing over and over. For example, the Baldur fight was the same strategy through all 3 of his waves. Same for the end fight, which was a LITTLE better, but not by much. Magdi and Modi barely changed up their attack patterns, and the trolls all did the same thing, but with a different element. Except for the troll in Hell who had a slightly different strategy due to the floating orbs that would attack you and him being able to teleport.

Casepb36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You're not lying. The game suffered from repeatitus... but it wasn't as bad as Hellblade. And at least fighting the same shit over and over was still fun.

FalconofLucis9836d ago

That and the absence of Thor and Odin I found underwhelming.

Ceaser985736136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Every game has their share of criticism so certainly you can satisfy everyone.. but its the first game so i am cool with how SM went and created the new GOW Lore.. From next installment onwards it will be clear how they have set up the world and what new they will bring...

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MrVux00036d ago

My only real issue with the game (cuz everything else was near perfect).

Thankfully now that the game was a success, we will likely get what was promised by one of Santa Monica devs for next God of War game...

"it will be bigger, better, longer."

GaboonViper36d ago

Same, the boss fights that were there were stunning but just not enough of them, i know this will be fixed in the sequel and i can't bloody wait, hopefully we get to to take on Fenrir the wolf.

ArchangelMike36d ago

I hope Cory is still directing God of War 2, I don't think anyone else can effectively carry on teh visino that he has started. Just give the man time to recouperate first.

Fist4achin36d ago

I just read the issue as becoming a sequel.

wraith999936d ago

"now that the game was a success" understatement of the year haha, agree tho! so hyped for the next iteration

rainslacker36d ago

Yeah, there could have been more. Started off strong with the stranger. Then was kind of barren until about halfway through the game. Freya's boss fight was pretty disappointing.

I do think it'd be a bit distracting if they had as many as GOW3 did though. That was more like 10 minutes of game play, fight a boss kind of deal. Obvious exaggeration, but that game was packed full of them. This game was paced much differently though.

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mrmikew201836d ago

Yea the same troll boss fights was my only complaint, it would have been cool if I each one had their own unquie move set, and a different finishing move for each one would have been a plus.

But other than that, the game was freaking awesome.

Hardiman36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Damn that last part hit me in the feels! this game spoke to me onmsny levels as a father and as a son. My father was a hard working but very distant man and as s child I always felt like I was a disappointment to him. Like if I hadn't of been so different he could've related more but as time goes by and you grow you realize people struggle with things and most of the time it's a quiet struggle! One of the best games I've played and just thinking about it puts a big smile on my face!

The good news is this was a resounding success so I'd imagine the sequel will have more of everything.

ClayRules201236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Same here. That story that Cory shared about that guy coming up to him and getting emotional almost from the beginning speaks to how powerful and moving these story driven games can be, and the impact that they can have on someone is something special.

I can relate to you on that in a sense. My father’s always been hard working as well. But also one to hide his emotions and to this day (I’m 30) he’s never once said to me “I love you” it honestly doesn’t bother me now, i believe he does love me regardless, but his difficult upbringing has certainly caused a lot of pain to him. He does sometimes come over to my house, chat or watch me play story driven games, and is impressed with how far this stuff has come. Also, games like God of War, TLoU, and Heavy Rain especially, for me; are such moving experiences that really do speak to us parents in different ways.

I can’t imagine the sequel, but I bet it’ll be a Showcase across the board on PS5.

Hardiman36d ago

Absolutely and that's why I'm such a supporter of Sony because they put so many resources into these kinds of games.

In 09 I was still gaming just not as much and games like Mass Effect and Bioshock kept me going but once I played Uncharted especially Among Theives my love of gaming came back with a vengeance. Heavy Rain was another one that got my attention and once The Last of Us hit I realized just what this medium can do as far as how it can affect you!

If the original GOW and what happened in its sequel is anything to go by then God of War 2 should be something truly spectacular! Take care man!

ClayRules201236d ago

Indeed. Sony & their studios just really give everything to deliver unique gaming experiences to the players. I hope they never stop. That’s awesome to hear Among Thieves did that for you. So cool. Such a special game that is. Thanks. Take care as well bud!

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