New Anthem Trailer Shows Plenty of Gameplay, Story, Progression, and Customization

Today Electronic Arts released a brand new trailer of BioWare's upcoming online Action RPG Anthem.

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ArchangelMike34d ago

I just don't know about Anthem. It seems way too much like Destiny. I might be sold if it has a solid singleplayer experience - an I'm not talking about a 4hr singleplayer (tutorial) campaign either. I guess I'll try the VIP demo and see what I think of that.

Kubark34d ago

Yeah, I agree. I can't help but think there's so much wasted potential here. I prefer my SP and Mp kept pretty much separate (an optional co op campaign, yes, but not this baked in MP).

I suspect much of this game will be "go there shoot this, get this." The story will be an afterthought. I mean that trailer above pretty tells you all you need to know about the story: chase after the mcguffin ("the anthem of creation") and prevent the evil doers (The Dominion) from using it for evil. I'll be genuinely surprised if it gets much deeper than that.

thrust34d ago

It’s aimed at the mmo gamers not single player gamers, it’s pretty much a mmoarpg stop going on about singleplayer!

rdgneoz334d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"It seems way too much like Destiny"

It's diablo meets warframe. Tons of loot, tons of customization (they had 4 different looks alone for the ranger in that video [fashionframe?], and tons of different loot with different stats on each piece like a diablo game), flying, faction quests you can do any time (random each time - not same thing over and over) and not wait for a rally, huge open world to play it, matchmaking for everything, daily/weekly/monthly quests, crafting, no having to balance / nerf things because of PvP, ...

Also, the VIP demo is if you preorder or a friend has PC ea access crap. Open demo is the following weekend.

AngelicIceDiamond34d ago

I do like how they have factioned quests that are randomized each time keeping things interesting and fresh. Bioware will detail its "Huge End Game" something that was missing or shoddily done in Destiny. The only thing thats Destiny like is its structure and lay out, just like The Division games. Im cautiously optimistic just like @rdgneoz3 because it is EA afterall.

starchild34d ago

It looks a lot better than Destiny to me, having a deeper narrative, better more diverse gameplay, and much much better visuals.

ArchangelMike33d ago

Well this is the thing, we don't really know IF it's going to be better than destiny. We hope it will, but then again who could have ever imagined that bioware would single handedly destroy the Mass Effect francise with ME:Andromeda!

WilliamSheridan34d ago

I can't deny, the game looks fluid, beautiful and had everything I want in an online MMOARPG.

If it controls well, this could be an amazing game.

cleft534d ago

Right, this could be the one, two combo that Destiny ultimately failed to be. We shall see soon enough.

demonicale34d ago

Looks like it could be a lot of fun!

ILikeGamesYeah34d ago

This game is insanely fun! Haven’t been addicted like it for a long time. The fact there is no pvp gives them so much more freedom in the endgame. They don’t have to worry about balance meaning you can get crazy powerful and step up the difficulties for better loot like Diablo 3 which is so exciting. That plus actual numbers to min max unlike destiny can make this game an actual looter shooter which so many have attempted. I know I’m just squirting hype everywhere but I’ve been wanting a game like this to succeed ever since borderlands 2.

rdgneoz334d ago

The stream they did yesterday was on hard (basically 2nd of 6 difficulties). They got nice loot and some hard mobs that almost wiped them at times when they said they were on the tail end of hard - Had 3 lesser titans at once at the end of a legendary contract, which had a ton of aoe going off all over the place. Gonna be insane to see the higher difficulties play out, for those that want the challenge.

TimeSkipLuffy34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

No beacons for missions and it will already be better in terms of mission creation compared to the likes of Destiny :D. The only thing I am worried the most, is the controls. If controls don't feel fluid and easy, I have to skip it.

Aloren34d ago

It it controls like Andromeda (and it looks like it), you won't have to worry about fluid controls. Andromeda wasn't perfect but combat was awesome.

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