Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just laid out the company's vision for its 'Netflix for games'

Game streaming is definitely going to be a hot topic in 2019 but Microsoft believes that it can be the "Netflix of gaming."

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Obscure_Observer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Microsoft should stick with Game Pass as their "Netflix for games". Streaming as of now sucks for games. Performance issues and lower resolutions will ruin the experience.

"Nadella said Microsoft had the upper hand with its Xbox gaming arm, which gives Microsoft a strategic advantage that much of the competition is lacking."

As soon as Google, Amazon and Verizon joins the fray, i expect Sony to follow Microsoft and make Playstation exclusive games available day one on PS Now.

DEEBO36d ago

Streaming sucks Right now, being able to to download is better way to go or both.

Game Pass is killing it!
Don't let your loyalty make you miss out on a great deal.

Eonjay36d ago

I think PSNow has the best model, both as you said with one subscription (steaming and download). It sounds like XCloud will be an additional subscription on top of the GamePass one. This is getting ridiculous.

vallencer36d ago

I participated in the Google cloud streaming and honestly with my connection it was pretty solid. I have a 25 down that isn't the greatest reliability wise. There were barely any issues and while it may not have looked the cleanest as far as hd goes it was still beautiful.

Babadook736d ago

Game pass is killing it-self.

fiveby936d ago

This subscription model could end up being a real mess someday. A sub for MS Studio, a sub for Bethesda, a sub for EA, a sub for Ubisoft, etc etc. Plus movies on Netflix and games on Gamepass do not necessarily exist on that service forever. In the long run, you will spend more on gaming than now. Why else would all these companies be doing this? To save us money? Yea right.

shaggy230336d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I really hope that Microsoft do the following in regards to the service.

1. If you're an Xbox live gold subscriber, you get xcloud for free.

2. If you're not a good subscriber you can subscribe to xcloud for $5 a month.

Personally I think if they include it in with Gold that would be huge. Buy a game on the Xbox Store, download it your console and play it at home. Then at work during lunch you can carry on playing using xcloud.

beulahland36d ago

@Eonjay I agree! It is ridiculous that you think that PSNow has the best model.

StormSnooper36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

PSNow has both streaming and download. It also boasts the largest collection of games. You could say the “Netflix of games” is already here. Having said that I DO NOT want them to deminish the importance of game releases as that will hurt game quality imo.

bouzebbal36d ago

No matter how good this might have, I think MS are going completely away from the main things, making games for consoles..
But if MS decide to make xbox a service, they should do it on all platforms and not only theirs

Muzikguy36d ago


That's what I've been thinking as well. I don't want to see a future like that so I don't support them now. More subs are a bad thing.

starchild36d ago

Where did you guys think these walled gardens that they tempt you into with exclusives were going?

I've never wanted to have to buy multiple platforms just to play a handful of must-have exclusives on each one. I've always advocated a model like we've had with physical media for movies and music where we can buy the movies and music we want and play them on any player of our choosing. It's not like you have to own an LG Blu-ray player to play certain movies, a Samsung for others, and Oppo for yet others.

That's how I wish gaming could have gone. But fanboys would rather have something to gloat about and to hold over the heads of their fellow gamers on other platforms than to band together and push for changes that ultimately would have been better for everyone.

So the seed has been planted and has firmly taken hold. Console gaming will slowly but surely move towards more and more of a streaming based distribution. And, yes, massive fragmentation will be be a big part of that. Look what's happening to streaming services like Netflix. They are losing big studios like Disney who would rather go start their own streaming service and use their exclusives as a leverage to get you to subscribe. Now Netflix is raising its prices again just to stay solvent.

The same will happen to videogames unfortunately. But, hey, at least we'll have a lot more different platforms to rally around and form fanboy factions and argue about who has the best exclusives!

StormSnooper36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I agree with your concern, BUT the problem you allude to didnt start with exclusives. It started with paying for playing online. There was a time you could buy as many consoles you liked and buy as many or as little exclusives you could pick and choose, but as the cost of owning each console goes higher due to recurrent payment plans/services, it becomes less and less feasible to own more than one console.

deno36d ago

I like Gamepasd now. It's a digital renting service like blockbuster used to be. I would rent games at blockbuster and buy them if I enjoyed the games.

remixx11635d ago

Honestly all this subscription based shit is getting to be to much, a sub for MS, ea, Ubisoft and imagine if Activision, Nintendo, square and Sony all join the fray then it all becomes bullshit. Games are already becoming basically subscription based with gaas and now how we indulge them is becoming that way to.

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TheUndertaker8536d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Why not do both? I do agree that streaming sucks FOR SOME PEOPLE me included but others do have access to faster internet and just want to play. For those individuals streaming will be a great option and faster than a download.

Plus if Microsoft really can deliver with less of a bandwidth requirement that’s more people that will be able to stream and an advantage over the competition.

Cobra95136d ago

In a word, fear, that it will eventually run roughshod over real gaming. I just don't want it to succeed well enough to supplant the local experience, or make it as hard to find as good, unmonetized single-player AAA games.

gangsta_red36d ago

There's a reason why these huge media corporations are all investing in streaming. Sooner rather than later latency won't be an issue. It's already a non issue where I currently live as well as other major cities.

There will still be "traditional" gaming. But I think in the future companies will sell Roku type boxes where you do connect to an app and stream their games from there.

I think that's the end game a lot of companies want.

ActualWhiteMan36d ago

Truth is, its inevitable. When netflix first came out, many people said it wouldnt take off. Now I stream all of my content from multiple providers on all TV's in my house, and dont use any disc players for Movies or TV Shows.

opc36d ago

Google Project Stream was pretty amazing though.

theindiearmy36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I did the Project Stream test and there was no perceivable lag.

Anomander36d ago

No lag, but the graphics were not up to standard. I have Gig speed both Down and Up and Project Steam still limited the experience to 1080P. It was a good start and it will be interesting to see how it plays out, but 1080P on a higher resolution monitor will not cut it.

theindiearmy35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Graphics were no different than playing on a console. Of course it's only going to be 1080p. They aren't going to spend the money on hardware to pump out 4k/60 to everyone.

thexmanone36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Lot of game that are on GeForce now Stream in 4k, Streaming is a nice option and can`t wait too see where it goes.

Ju35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

GeForce Now has significant more lag than PS Now. And all that is, is a remote server running Steam Link. With half the time those games don't work and you end up in a blank Steam account. Which, if you have your existing games in your library - because they make you sign in with your existing account - won't show up, even if you own them. And what they don't tell you, is you still need to buy those. And everything above 1080p is a just not working right at all.

ABizzel136d ago

It's great that MS is expanding their service, but there are already plenty of other services that have already been doing the Netflix of Gaming OnLive -> PS Now, Shadow, GeForce Now, Vortex, Parsec, and more.

This is way spending millions in marketing gets you, 1 sentence about others that have been doing this for years, making it seem like this is a brand new technology, and this is why the general public are less trusting than the media.

Saigon35d ago

I just finished looking this over. I didn't realize these were out. Since learning of this, to me, it sounds or seems as though MS is trying to compete with two markets now. I am not certain how they are trying to do this but it seems this is the direction they are going. With the rumors of them making 2-types of consoles, one streaming and one with both options (disk base and streaming) it only make sense that they want to either merge the two worlds or try to continue with the console business as a secondary goal and try to take over a underwhelmed environment that is still growing in the streaming service. It is a smart plan but I have no idea if they will be able to pull it off.

Yes there are many current services out there but no one has taken the bull by the horns. I assume MS is trying to be the first of many. I wish them luck. I am afraid it may confuse some people. We gamers get it and understand what they are trying to do, but will the average consumer understand this model?

sprinterboy36d ago

Agreed, amazon and Google are power houses so gamers will use them if it's cheaper for there service regarding 3rd party games in the future.
As I see it we're just gonna end up with either lots of direct debit payments for these services or it's gonna come down to who can offer the all in one place service.

rainslacker36d ago

I'd imagine that the streaming would just be an added option to their Game Pass plan. It won't take away from it, but open it up to more customers.

Otherwise, it's hard to say what Sony will do. I still don't think day one big AAA games is viable for the long least not to the level we expect for AAA games. MS may be doing it now for the few big games like that they release every year, but they're trying to make it into a high value proposition. This may not be necessary though, as Sony seems to be doing alright waiting to put their bigger games on it. This probably works, because the greater audience right now is willing to spend money on those individual games, while not being as keen on streaming. Those willing to stream do so and don't mind just playing what's available. They're different markets. As it stands, MS is the only one right now who's putting first run games on their service, while the competition will be lacking in those high profile games for a while to come.

All I can reasonably assume though is that if this becomes a big thing, that the level of AAA games release at, is going to reduce to less ambitious projects, because there's a lot of money to lose by trying to generate revenue off subscriptions only.

darthv7236d ago

Just as there are people who buy their movies when they get released to stores, there are also those who dont and just wait for them to come to services like netflix or redbox. It used to be that new releases in stores coincided with the same releases on netflix but then those distributors instituted a 28 day waiting period so the rental services would not undercut their potential retail sales.

So in gaming, MS offering same day new releases seems to be pretty much the same thing but they arent worried about undercutting themselves because they just care about the content getting into peoples hands whichever way the customer chooses. That means some will go to the store and buy physical, some will buy digital and some will choose game pass. In the end the customer gets the game.

I think next gen both platforms will have multiple systems for the different consumer. A traditional system with full physical and digital options and another that is digital only. That will be for the consumer who is more into streaming / downloading. As such the platform holders wont want to alienate them and thus make a new release available to all consumers the same day. So that means Sony could more than likely be doing the new release thing as well.

rainslacker36d ago

Physical rentals of movies are usually more expensive for the rental places to make up for the lost sales. The 28 day waiting period, or whatever it is, is there to not cannibalize physical sales.

Indont see why games would be any different. Movies have a long term chance to always sell, or make money through tv paying to just show HBO or broadcast tv. Games have a limited shelf life, and while streaming services add a revenue stream for the long term, offering then up too early means that there is loss up front.

Ms is willing to take the loss to promote the service, but it's not a sustainable model in the AAA market at the current prices, and requires a huge subscriber base to support. Indont know what the subscriber numbers would need to be to continue doing this, but the higher it goes, the more chance of lost sales on the regular purchasers.

It's purely a matter of numbers. Recurring revenue is the goal, but not at the expense of losses elsewhere.

XabiDaChosenOne36d ago

"i expect Sony to follow Microsoft and make Playstation exclusive games available day one on PS Now."
Lol misery loves company.

gamer780436d ago

they also need to get their ps3 games to run when downloaded, streaming is never going to be fast enough globally
atleast not for a few decades.

blacktiger36d ago

sony to follow WHAT??? They are first one to do it moron, at least in the list you listed.

Ju35d ago

I don't even know how MS can claim "Netflix for gaming" when in fact that service already exists. How does MS get away with this again? Call it "Hulu of gaming" or whatever, but first they are not.

sampsonon36d ago

right, spend $100 million on a game just to have people play it for $10. smart move.
it makes more sense for MS and the xbox cause they have only been making A and AA games.

crazyCoconuts36d ago

When the next Gears and Halo come out, I'll be buying a few 1 month GamePass' for sure. I can see why they want to focus on multiplayer, so that people don't just run through the single player /co-op campaign via GamePass like what I'll do. I'm not complaining though, saving me big $$

sampsonon36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@crazyCoconuts: right, and Sony already committed to making large scale AAA games and said that this is what the company will be focusing on going forward. So people waiting for them to follow MS losing strategy of A, AA, and MP games with heavy MT's, they need not wait. It's never going to happen.

DarXyde36d ago

"Microsoft should stick with Game Pass as their "Netflix for games". Streaming as of now sucks for games. Performance issues and lower resolutions will ruin the experience. "

Probably the first time you've made a point I can find agreeable. Streaming only works for Netflix because there's no real time sensitive input; you're just playing, stopping, and pausing video. Gaming is another story.

"As soon as Google, Amazon and Verizon joins the fray, i expect Sony to follow Microsoft and make Playstation exclusive games available day one on PS Now."

Had a feeling I would find myself disagreeing with you before this post was over.

So Google, Verizon, and Amazon make moves... and you reason that Sony follows Microsoft? What makes you say that? Do you think that, if Sony allows Day One games on PS Now, that's following Microsoft's Game Pass? One is a downloadable rotating gaming selection; the other is a streaming service that allows downloading where games don't disappear... and something as nuanced as Day One offerings makes the services comparable. The comparisons between the two really aren't valid and gaming media really shouldn't do it.

Humor me for a moment. Spin the logic: since PS Now allowed gamers to play PS3 games on PS4, did Microsoft follow Sony by allowing backwards compatibility? Doubt it.

Show some consistency.

Sophisticated_Chap36d ago

5G is supposedly going to make todays internet speed look ridiculous. Everything in the future, whether it be game streaming and self driving cars hinges on 5G, which is why Microsoft is going big into game streaming at this point in time. 5G speeds are essentially instant, so game streaming will be very effective when 5G is mainstream.

DerekTweed36d ago

I hear the max speed of 5g is 10Gbps which is certainly extremely fast but the problem will be the cost of the data. According to a quick google search, 5Gb with AT&T is $80.

Sirk7x36d ago

I don't know man. I was in Google's Project Stream beta, and it was pretty amazing how well in functioned. Felt like the future.

Mystogan36d ago

You will be able to both stream and download.

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JesusBuiltmyHotrod36d ago

No thanks , ill stick with Nintendo and Sony.

pcz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Netflix of gaming .. does that mean a service which has a very large selection of rubbish, avoiding all the obvious classics and offering sequels without the originals.

Only joking. There is some cool stuff on netflix

Potnoodle99936d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Agreed, and yes although there is a lot of cool stuff on there.....I have never such such a huge collection of trash in my life when I scroll through looking for something to watch. So yeah 95% trash, 5% gold (but as mentioned usually sequels without the originals)

Hard to believe MS are aiming to be like them, I hope the others never follow suit and instead of trying to be the “Netflix of gaming” just keep the epic games coming. Explain to me what part of having a console effects your gaming experience and means that you require games to be streamed with no exception?

Rude-ro36d ago

The thing is... watching shows is one thing.. if the show is cheap, it is a ehh expected type of thing..

But if you see games going cheap to hide behind the cheap $9.99 slogan, what would be the effect?
Streaming older games etc is one thing, having it take away from future titles is completely something else.
But like Netflix’s success, why would companies give up their games to another service? Then we end up with subscriptions for every major producer of games like Disney, hbo, Hulu, etc... and even then, guess what moves subscriptions the most? Exclusive programs/content.
If Microsoft has little to offer now, why subscribe? Are the major games that are third party available per the pass?

rainslacker36d ago

To me, it's more that there will be multiple services required to get all the content that may be available. They'll each be competiting with one another, and exclusive content from 3rd party will likely be a new battleground, because while publishers may be willing to put their games up on all the services that will pay, if they all offer the same content, then it means one or two can end up controlling the market. It's just a new console platform for people to argue over.

Donnie8136d ago

What are you gonna do when they do the same thing.

Old McGroin36d ago


Nintendo already has a sort of Netflix for games going on with it's NES app. The idea is good and it's well executed, now all it needs is some good games!

Gunstar7536d ago


You don't think this is their future too?

Whether we like it or not, this is the future of gaming

81BX36d ago

Yes please! I'll stick to all 4 since they each have something to offer.

DOMination-36d ago

I'm sure you also said no thanks to Sony when they were talking up the Gaikai stuff in 2012.

Raiden35d ago

But Sony and Nintendo ARE heading towards a service that has games, MS has no GAMES remember that old song, that's what all you people where saying, they made 10billion on a service with no GAMES, now they want more, they are investing alot to lead the next way of gaming, the NETFLIX of gaming, even now and previous generations we have had crap games and it will continue, to happen, the worst thing about that is, we bought played and returned games, what a waste of money and time, with a Netflix style or game pass style of gaming it added to a option that allows you to not just play your games, but to own it digitally, game pass is doing alot and 3rd parties are joining the bandwagon. Google, amazon, epic, valve all of these are offering streaming in one way or the other. It will be the future of gaming in the end, this is just the beginning.

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MrPerfect81336d ago

I love being able to download from game pass...still not sold on streaming

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opc36d ago

Netflix makes great shows. Microsoft doesn't really make that many great games

DaDrunkenJester36d ago

Not every Netflix show/movie is great. But they make a LOT of them so eventually they'll have a hit. MS is obviously planning ahead for this service by buying up those studios and such. So they'll likely continue to have some hits and misses just like Sony and Nintendo as well.

spicelicka36d ago

Considering MS bought like 5 studios last year, this won't be the case for long. Secondly, it doesn't have to apply to first party titles, securing big multiplatform games through streaming/Gamepass services is a huge selling point, like Netflix has with Marvel movies.

princejb13436d ago

are those studios any good?
still havent seen rare do anything good since they been bought by MS

kayoss36d ago

We've seen MS buy studios before, how did that turn out? I understand that this maybe a different case but we will believe it when we see it.

spicelicka36d ago

Well yea seeing to believe applies to almost anything, but the plan makes sense. Look up the studios, most are top notch.

Kryptix36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Rare was top notch, now it's just an empty shell of it's former self. Hope we don't have another EA closing or destroying studios in the industry.

spicelicka35d ago

Rare's story is just one story. They've been bad for 14 years now, it is not representative of every studio MS buys. Granted they haven't proven they won't destroy all those studios but that's not the point I'm making. Point is that Gamepass is ahead of its competition which would translate to their streaming service, and multiplats can make as much of a difference as first party games. If Gamepass secures games like Assassin's creed, people would consider it much more affordable investment than paying $80 for it on another platform.

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343_Guilty_Spark36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Netflix went a while without great content...then slowly started creating better and better content. guess you were born in 2018

Chevalier36d ago

Xbox has been around for 17 years whats their excuse for not having their content rolling then? Netflix has been around far less and has great content. How come you guys don't question Xbox/MS for lack of content almost 2 decades in?!

343_Guilty_Spark36d ago

They relied too heavily on Gears/Forza/Halo. Thru hsbr acquirex some pretty high profile studios known for good what do you want them to do? I mean you just say make games make games.....they aren’t made overnight

Chevalier35d ago

That's my point exactly. Netflix in far less time has content rolling. Even with those studios we're expecting games in what year 20 for Xbox? Sure its not too late for games, but, where is this faith coming from? Xbox has literally the worst track record for producing content and mismanagement. Having more studios doesn't automatically mean more better content either. Just look at Nintendo in year 3 for the Switch and they're output blows Xbox One in year 7.

343_Guilty_Spark34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Netflix launched in 1998 renting DVDs. They didn’t start to surge with streaming and original content until relatively recently in the late 2010s. If we set that date for high quality HD original programming to say 2016 that’s a 18 year window. Popular shows like Marvel series lineup, House on Haunted Hill, Altered Carbon, Sabrina are all relative newcomers. You should check your history.

“Netflix been around far less.”

Netflix 1998
Xbox 2003

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chiefJohn11736d ago

Y'all do know Gamepass has 3rd party games right?