Kingdom Hearts III Gets Charming New Trailer Ahead of Massively Anticipated Release

Today Square Enix aired a long TV commercial of the upcoming JRPG Kingdom Hearts III during the Japan vs Uzbekistan Asian Cup soccer match.

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roadkillers29d ago

Hoping they have some hidden worlds, very underwhelmed by the ones announced

stupidusername28d ago

All of them are revealed, though they will be much bigger than in previous titles.
At least we get a bunch of new worlds, but I wish they had many more like from Brave, Coco, Cars (Sora turns into a car), Nemo (sora turns into a fish), The Incredibles (Sora gets a super hero costume), zootopia (sora turns into a animal, donald and goofy stays the same) and so on. There could have been som really cool transformations.

There will always be more kingdom hearts after KH3 so I get that they’ll save some and that they didn’t have unlimited development time as KH3 is long overdue.