This Classic Gaming Console Was Just Voted Ireland's Favourite

We all know that Irish people are obsessed with gaming, but we've never known officially what their favourite gaming console is.

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PrimeVinister34d ago

It's mad that so many people remember the NES in Ireland. I didn't see one until the 2010s - Sega Master System was more popular at the time here.

The Mega Drive was EVERYWHERE though.

Telford9134d ago

my editor took it as a personal slight that the NES wasn't voted no1 hahaha

djl348531d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Did ya'll have an exclusive game for the NES over there? Didn't know SSB had a game on the NES.

"In 2nd place with 18.8% of the vote was the Nintendo NES. Released back in 1986, with Super Smash Bros one of the games available at launch"