Anthem Demo Final Download Size Is Considerably Larger, New Image Shared From PS4

Find out how much data will be required by Anthem and check out some new information including a screenshot from the Anthem pre-launch demo.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence33d ago

NB4 somebody comes here to bash EA without even reading the article

antz110433d ago

The first post is always supposed to be the actual file size so others don't have to click on it, not a preemptive defense line. Fail comment.

Hungryalpaca33d ago

Can read an article about size of a download and still call the company releasing that download trash.

Artemidorus33d ago

Don't need to read it the company are pure trash.

2ndhandcorn33d ago

Just a bit sick of mech suits this gen , seems like Bioware need the doctors back not one good game since they departed.

Heavenly King33d ago

An RPG without proper story. No thanks.

I don't play story driven games for the multiplayer.

No Way33d ago

Without proper story? How do you know that? Where's the proof of that?

thrust33d ago

This is like an mmo you do know that right King 🤣🤣🤣

rakentaja33d ago

Never heard of you have to PAY to play the demo, pre order or EA Access, fucing disquisting, money hunters..