Digital Versus Physical Video Games - Which Do You Prefer?

Glitched Africa writes: "We discuss digital versus physical copies of video games including the pros and cons for each option."

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chrisx35d ago

physical over digital any day anytime

darthv7235d ago

I prefer physical but some games you just cant get any other way than digital. Horizon Chase Turbo on PS4 did manage to get a physical release in Brazil so I had to get me one of those.

That game is just so much fun.

Highlife34d ago

I'm digital for multiplayer and disc for single player. The reason I'm digital for multi player is so I can run the game on 2ps4s with only buying the game once.

Razzer35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

On console it doesn't make sense to buy digital. The article mentions the fact that digital gets good deals. Yeah, but the used market negates a lot of that advantage. Trade-in and the ability to resell games is more hassle, but there is still good value there. And then there are the collectors. Those guys obviously want physical. With digital, you have a "collection" of digital licenses. Nothing collectible about that.

On PC I've gotten pretty used to being all digitial over the years. And there are incredible deals available. I cannot remember the last time I paid a full $60 for a brand new AAA game. There is just so much competition in the digital marketplace between all the vendors such as humble bundle, green man, and then the key resellers g2a and such. The physical market on PC is essentially dead. And even if you do buy a physical game on PC, there is a activation key that can be used one time so resell is nothing. So no point buying physical on PC at all.

Neonridr35d ago

Depends on the software, really. While I prefer physical, for PSVR games I have actually come to appreciate digital because then you don't have to take off the headset to switch games. Small price to pay I know, but it's convenient.

DerekTweed35d ago

I prefer digital, I typically don't trade in my games. However, I do have a few physical games because there are often good deals on them. They are games that I would not buy at launch, for example I got Watch Dogs 2 for about $20.

I do like being able to lend my physical games with friends but other than that and I see no benefit, for me, in physical over digital if the price is the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.