Resident Evil 2 Remake Multiplayer - Could Rogue Mode feature Co-op?

From GameWatcher: "Resident Evil 2 Remake is out soon, you may have played the exciting one-shot demo and are hyped for the final product, but one question remains - is it single-player only? Are there Resident Evil 2 Remake Multiplayer modes?

This question has been further muddied by the reveal of unlockable modes for completing the game, including one called "Rogue Mode". Is Rogue Mode a co-op or multiplayer mode? Is there something like The Mercenaries mode? Is there any sort of campaign co-op? We'll do our best to answer."

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JohnnyPremo32d ago

Why is your title asking if it has co-op when you answer the question yourself in the know it doesn't. Knock it off with the bullshit articles

Hellbound197832d ago

Co-op is death to any ''Survival Horror'' game, It instantly cuts tension and fear if you have another player with you. Look no further than RE5 and RE6, Co-op turned them into action games.