Dreams Creator Beta Update

Our Dreams Creator Beta has been an incredible experience for us at Media Molecule, and we're excited to share a couple of updates on it!

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THC CELL33d ago

Extended and more people getting added

People are loving this beta and I personally have seen some really good stuff

Sono42133d ago

This game seriously needs more attention, people are ALREADY creating great things in the beta. The hype is real, and now they are responding to the criticism and letting everyone who signed up in the beta! This is amazing! I signed up during the sign up period! Wooo hooooo!!

THC CELL33d ago

I'm shocked that someone part made P. T

Sniperwithacause32d ago

I played a few creations last night, the ppl that have this awesome talent to make these is mind blowing. Having to use the six axis to move my wisp around in the main menu, and in my home space was a bit frustrating. Gonna give it another go later today. Played one that was just like rock band, it was pretty good!

gtxgamer227d ago

So is this a ps4 game that supports VR or is it entirely created for VR?