Ars Impressions:The Avatars have landed: exploring the New Xbox Experience

Ars writes: "Rolling out an ambitious interface revamp several years into a console's lifecycle isn't a typical decision; at this point, hardware vendors often prefer to concentrate resources on the launch of a new console. Shouldn't Microsoft be thinking about the Xbox 720? But the company has invested over a year of work into something that it calls (accurately enough) the New Xbox Experience (NXE). More than a reskinning, it's a rethinking of the console's interface and functionality from the ground up.

It will be pushed out to gamers on November 19, but we've had the new system running on consoles here in the Orbiting HQ for a week now and wanted the chance to show our readers around. We've also gone straight to Microsoft to get answers to your most pressing questions about the update, which are included at the end."

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