Guerrilla Games Enjoyed Death Stranding's First 2 Hours

The creatives of Guerrilla Games enjoyed the first 2 hours of Death Stranding, a session that had been planned by Hideo Kojima.

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chrisx35d ago

you can smell this masterpiece from far away. can't wait.

UCForce35d ago

Now Kojima goes to Remedy to show his game.

Gamer24by735d ago - yes, on his monkey cap it is written, Remedy

Obscure_Observer35d ago

What? Is Kojima joining Remedy?

UCForce35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Obscure_Observer No, I think he will show Death Stranding gameplay to Remedy just like he did showed to GG. Have you follow the new recently ?

sampsonon34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

he won't be showing a PS exclusive made with GG engine to any company outside of sony. sorry

Eonjay34d ago

If anyone is paying attention he wore a GG hate when he went to visit them like 3 days ago.

No Way33d ago

Why would he show anything to Remedy? Makes no sense..

Ceaser985736133d ago

Or may be By showing his game to REMEDY, he indirectly wanting REMEDY to join Sony lol! JK

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Godmars29034d ago

Can definitely smell something. Hopefully not just hype.

pietro121234d ago

You're right. KP just toured the studios, compared notes and got the chance to preview Remedy's new game.

lelo2play33d ago

A Sony owned studio praising a Sony exclusive game made by a studio paid by Sony... I'm baffled.

Did anybody expect them to say they hated the game?

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UCForce35d ago

It’s definitely the game is almost complete. Kojima hint the game release will set in Akira timeline and before 2020 Olympus.

ArchangelMike35d ago

So there we have it, "the game is not fully complete yet." I still remian sceptical about a 2019 release. Maybe I just don't want to start getting my hopes up only for the to be dashed to the ground! :p

Nyxus34d ago

Well, the year has only just begun. The wording actually makes it sound like it's pretty far in development, if you ask me. I'm still saying 2019.

UniqueGuy9134d ago

There is no PS4 exclusive titles announced for the fall yet. I'm pretty sure either this or TLOU 2 will come out during the fall.

NarutoFox33d ago

I think Ghost of Tushima has a better chance releasing this fall since it's been in development longer

Marioraider1833d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Umm... Newsflash, many games arent complete shortly before they release

ArchangelMike33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Aannndd... we should'nt accept that status quo. We should call it out whenever a game releases and charges full price for half the content. Battlefield V I'm looking at you! o.0

I'm pretty sure that Kojima will release a complete and fully formed game. you can say alot of things about Kojima's games, but unfinished is not one of them.... except for MGSV... but that had more to do with Konami than it did with Kojima.

Marioraider1833d ago

I dont think you get it. There are many games that have gone gold just 1 month before their targeted release date.

purple10135d ago

its THIS and "Ghost of tushima", im not partial to days gone and the last of us2, il play those two mentioned, then go through some of the PsPlus free games and some others i've been meaning to play. such as Redout, Soul Calibur and prehaps replay ratchet and clank, on MEGA MODE, ( or what ever its called, - once completed, all guns available from the start)

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