Top 5 Developers That Can Do Star Wars Better Than EA

EA has cancelled yet another Star Wars game very recently and that leads to this: as successful a brand as Star Wars is, these are five developers that could do the saga better than EA.

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UCForce30d ago

Mine have to be Sony Santa Monica.

Obscure_Observer30d ago

Lol. EA is NOT a developer.

Anyway, my picks would be CDPR and Bungie due their experience with large scope projects.

Kribwalker30d ago

Obsidian would be a perfect fit for star wars. Their experience with Fallout New Vegas shows they can handle big Ips and put out quality. They also have already made a quality Star Wars game in the past in Knights of the Old Republic part 2. I’d love them to make a star wars action RPG

Fist4achin30d ago

I would have to see what genre or type of game in the Star Wars universe to match with the developers.

Bungie/Gearbox for an open FPS
Bioware for another action rpg
Rockstar for an open sandbox action game
Capcom for a fighter

Konami for a Pachinko machine
Valve for an original and sequel, but don't ask for a third...

Gridknac30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Uh, anybody! I wouldn't let EA develop a turd.

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