PlayStation Needs To Adapt and Deliver To Keep Their Lead In 2019

Kieron from WellPlayed discusses how Sony can maintain its momentum in 2019

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The Wood1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Sony's modus operandi is game delivery. They've proved they have stamina when others falter, coast or push titles to the following gen. I fear not for Sony's 2019 in regards to games . The other stuff.. . . .improvements should always be the plan

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DillyDilly1600d ago

Its a question of now if the censoring is gonna eventually bite them in the ass

sprinterboy1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

The only censorship I'm seeing is those creepy underage looking anime girls wearing hardly any clothes. That's a good thing.

mkis0071599d ago

Well in order to bring light to what is being censored one must embarrass themselves. I dont see any major site doing that and showing what was censored.

The Wood1599d ago

You know what bites harder

no games, less games, less variety, less quality. Highlighting something so miniscule doesn't eradicate the overwhelming positives Sony bring. . . . . .imagine the conversation. . . ''Well I'm not buying that console because they censored this games tits out''. . . . . Not happening

neutralgamer19921600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

sony understand what it takes and now with acquisition of studios it seems ms finally get it too. Your platform could have all the best feature but if it lacks in games than all those features mean next to nothing. AAA high quality exclusives are what makes or break a console(don't believe me just look at Nintendo they have stayed in business up until now without much 3rd party support but have the strongest and most know exclusives alongside sony)

sprinterboy1599d ago

Exactly, nintendo consoles sell extremely well, gamers buy nintendo and know they'll only gonna buy smash, mario, Mario kart, pokeman and a few others.
I bet on average a nintendo fan only buys 10 games the entire gen of the console.

badz1491599d ago

"Needs To Adapt and Deliver"??

WTF else have Sony been doing this whole gen if not adapting and delivering? they've been doing both pretty well and that's why they are dominating!

Muzikguy1599d ago

I'm glad I've been taking a little bit of a break from this site as articles are just getting ridiculous. Sony doesn't need to adapt to anything. It's other companies trying to push things onto the consumer that they don't want but say is the future that I find annoying. I'll stick with good games, thanks. I don't need multiplayer or battle Royale or open world for something fun to play

NarutoFox1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Lol Its okay, you can take a break for a year people won't even notice your gone. That's just the way it is.

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Shikoku1600d ago

No they need to release ps5 this year and continue delivering the same single player and MP experiences they did this gen and that's about it and domination is assured.

The_Sage1600d ago

I expect PS5 to be officially announced this year and launch next year. It makes more sense.

StormSnooper1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I don’t think it’s coming in 2019, question is will it be coming in holiday 2020 or beginning of 2021.

neutralgamer19921600d ago

coming this year there is a reason sony released pro a year before xbox x as that's their strategy moving forward. By releasing the pro a year before they can release ps5 now and gain the market share while ms may have to wait till 2021 because they released the x not too long ago

Omnislashver361600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

If they released PS5 this year with backwards compatibility and upgraded graphics for games like Death Stranding, The Last of Us II, Ghost of Tsushima, Kingdom Hearts III, Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake, etc, they'll essentially have the greatest launch in gaming history- bar none.

That's without even launching a "new" game that is only exclusive to PS5. I agree that PS5 should launch as soon as it's possible. I'm not sure how far along Navi is, but as far as 7nm goes, we're not getting another boost in 2020-2021 to a better node. So once Navi is finished, there's NO point in waiting as we'll just be making the console more outdated, not getting more power for a better price.

So I'm hoping for 2019 as it easily makes the most logical sense, but factors out of their control could hold it back to 2020 and that's understandable.

uth111599d ago

if it was coming this year, I don't think Sony would be skipping E3, they'd be using it to build PS5 hype

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Omnislashver361599d ago


That's why I said factors outside of their control can hold it back.

neutralgamer19921600d ago


wait few more months for reveal and launch 2nd week of november 2019 at $449

sinspirit1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I think they will launch a PS5 as soon as AMD produces a new GPU architecture. The current Vega is too RAM hungry to where it not only needs a lot of RAM, but very expensive RAM that would make the console cost a ton. It would be terrible to have the GPU have that big bottleneck and AMD should have something around the end of 2019 in development and testing cycles. We have plenty of time still. Both MS and Sony will continue to focus on AMD to maintain better compatibility, relations, and cost-cutting that supplying their core chips from them provides. 2020 will be the earliest is my guess.

starchild1599d ago

I agree that Sony has always done a phenomenal job of creating exclusives for their platforms and I also believe it's extremely likely that they will continue to do so next generation.

I don't agree that domination is assured though (I think that word is overly dramatic and hyperbolic most of the time anyway), because it really depends on what Microsoft and Nintendo do next generation.

If Nintendo decided to finally get back to making a powerful home console that could run multiplats on par with the other two consoles it could dramatically change the outcome. If Microsoft managed to finally start putting out a significant amount of exclusives it could change the outcome.

It's not that I think either of those scenarios are assured. I think the first is unlikely. And while Microsoft will almost certainly do better on the exclusives front than they did this gen it remains to be seen exactly how well that actually will be.

All I'm saying is that "domination" is never assured. It depends on the decisions that all three platform holders make. The PS3 didn't dominate the 360. It was actually pretty much a tie by the time the generation wrapped up. And that was because the way Sony and Microsoft handled their platforms last generation was different than the previous generation and this current generation.

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Kakashi Hatake1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Okay, what is Microsoft doing? Giving lots of promises?

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neutralgamer19921600d ago

paying for PR and hate articles towards ps4

madpuppy1599d ago

Well, they did buy a few development houses the past year, I think that was to have some future exclusives for the next gen Xbox. But, Microsoft tends to get "hoisted by their own Petard", with delusions of dominating the gaming console industry. It is a major flaw in corporate Ms as a whole, They are use to entering a market, killing the dominant players either through strategic acquisitions of tech that is essential to that industry and denying it's use to the competition, also they generally come in very hot and make grand promises that are "just over the horizon" that never materialize as an actual feature, that is a strategy to keep you from buying the competing product because you are waiting for the release of this amazing vaporware from Ms. these are just a taste of what MS does to try to win. they are not happy as one company in a pool of competitors...competing fairly. The MS way is to dominate and extinguish all competitors.
The Beauty of the console market is that each console is it's own ecosystem with it's own technology, a near impossible nut for MS to crack, The only way the could most likely kill the competition is to give away the Xbox and it's games for a few years, that would most likely kill all competitors ability to sustain themselves But, it's a dangerous strategy because you foment an attitude in the customer that the value of gaming is zero, not a good thing to inculcate in your customer base.