EA And Star Wars Partnership Has Been Bad For Everyone

PlayStation Universe looks back over the partnership between EA and the Star Wars franchise.

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Obscure_Observer37d ago

I´m gonna wait till know more about Respawn´s new game to cast a judgement.

Atom66637d ago

That's fair, but the way they "announced" the Respawn title doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence.

CobraKai37d ago

Me too. Unless their next announcement is the cancellation of said title.

knickstr37d ago

Isnt it supposed to be coming out this year and we havent seen even so much as a screenshot of it.

zodiac90937d ago (Edited 37d ago )

LOL as if all the star wars games they have canceled and mediocre trash they have put out since the partnership began, was not enough incentive to "cast judgement"..

Obscure_Observer37d ago


Just say it out loud then. Tell us how Respawn´s game is gonna be mediocre trash or canceled

I´m not joying the childish hate bandwagon. I love both Star Wars and Respawn and i can´t wait to see their game.

rainslacker37d ago


while that's admirable, EA is in a position where they have to prove they can actually deliver a good SW game, rather than just giving them the benefit of the doubt. DICE is a good, and well respected developer, but even they can't deliver a great SW game. A IP which pretty much lends itself to not even having to try hard to come up with game play elements. While the games are serviceable, the policies attached to the games, and the pandering that comes along with them, degrades the experience.

Nothing wrong with being optimistic, but EA's track record is working against them. It's wrong to say that it'll be trash, but it's not wrong to feel apprehension that it's not going to be good.

UltraNova37d ago


Viceral Games, an equally competent dev... anyone remember them?

Yeah, when it comes to EA no judgement, no matter how harse, is never too early to cast. Never.

Obscure_Observer36d ago


DICE screwed up! They said that, themselves. EA can´t be responsible for bad games. There´s some blind hate goin on regarding everything EA related, which is pathetic IMO.

Anthem seems to be an awesome game! Amazing graphics, design, mechanics, gameplay, lore and more. There´s not loot boxes (Like DICE´s SW), all the future aditional content will be free for all players (unlike Destiny), no pay to win, all MT´s will be cosmetic only. Still, haters will continue to hate on this game because it has a EA "seal" attached to it.

Naughty Dog doesn´t have a good track record regarding MTs, but the momment an article pop up suggesting that TLOU 2 may have it, people go mad, will crap on the author´s article, and will come up with any sorts of lame excuses to try and defend ND´s MTs practices while giving them a pass. The very same people that are HERE talking s#$% about EA.

And then you complain when i call them on their hypocrisy?

I don´t care about EA. I care about the developers and their work, not the publisher!

Most developers are well aware that some MT´s practices will not seat well with gamers, so, even if the publishers try to force them or pressure them into implement abusive MT practices in their games, it´s developers ultimate choice to go down with it!

DICE knew about gamers sentiments regarding loot boxes, but they choosed to go down with it, anyway. So Star Wars Battlefront II´s failure is entirely on them!

I´m expect Respawn to do better. That´s all.

rainslacker36d ago


DICE screwed up. But EA is the publisher. EA isn't known to give unfettered freedom to its devs. They are the producers, and they control what is done. DICE screwed up with the community, but it was EA's game. Everything about it screamed EA.

The games themselves weren't bad, but they weren't anything special either.

Anthem seems alright, at least as far as I can tell since I'm not into these kinds of games enough to judge that well.

But the conversation here is solely about if EA can deliver a Star Wars game.

No other company or game is in question here, so why are you trying to divert the conversation to them?

It's not hypocritical to not call a company out on MT, when those MT don't affect them. The vast majority of ND fans aren't buying the games for the MP, where the MT exist. Plus, it's only really TLOU that had some P2W stuff in it. All that said, EA has long been criticized for their heavy handed MT policies, and when it infects SW games, it's a problem.

Even beyond the MT stuff, the games aren't anything so spectacular. They are good enough games I suppose, but they aren't good Star Wars games. They're pretty generic in design, and do nothing special. Given that Star Wars itself lends itself to all sorts of great game play paradigms, the fact they can't deliver on that aspect, means they are in a position where they have to prove that they can deliver a good SW game.

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UCForce37d ago

Sure, but judging by EA reputation and their greedy antics. I’m very skeptical.

Dark_Knightmare237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Not me since they’ve released two battlefront games that were the definition of mediocre with the second one courting pretty big controversy that had even Disney pissed and cancelled a Star Wars game from Amy Henning that she was brought there to head while shutting down visceral then proceeding to give that game to another in house studio where they pretty much scrapped it to turn it into a open world game to just now cancel that. Yeah there’s Respawns game and if it actually sees the light of day it most likely will be awesome but that would be one game in the many years they’ve had the license now which is just pathetic. I can almost guarantee Disney regrets dealing the license to EA and once the contract is up they won’t be getting an extension which would be great news and I just hope Disney makes a better judgment on the their next partner

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Pooker10037d ago

I typically don’t just on the gaming circle jerk but I agree that EA’s handling of Star Wars has been awful. Hopefully Respawn can deliver something special this year.

SlagWolf37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Most of us knew it was gonna be like this the day it was announced. EA is a shit company , expecting quality games from them is foolish

SegaGamer37d ago

Yep, a lot of us have been saying since day 1 that EA being charge of publishing Star Wars games was going to suck. I would rather have been proven wrong, but so far, that hasn't been the case unsurprisingly.

Magnus37d ago

I am actually surprised Mickey Mouse never pulled the license from EA for them buggering up Battlefront 2

Sam Fisher37d ago

He prob went over that night and threatened them hence what they did

MajorLazer37d ago

Disney have been hard at work themselves to f**k the franchise up. In many ways, doing a better job than EA too 🤢 Imagine being nearly as scummy as EA

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